LDS Tithing History, Aug 31, 1873

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Aug 31, 1873
[Sermon] Brigham Young: The Gospel Incorporates All Truth - Mode of Administering the Sacrament - Abiding Counsel - Heavenly Blessings Are Conditional - Progressiveness of the Work - Plural Marriage - Tithing - Tardiness of the Saints in Observing Practical Duties - Cooperation, JD 16:160 - 171 (1)

-- May 9, 1874
[Sermon] George A. Smith: The Blessings of Eternal Life Attained at the Sacrifice of All Things - Tithing - Economy Necessary to Self - Sustenance - Home Manufacture, JD 17:80 - 84 (1)

-- Tues 2nd.
[John Nuttle] Went to the Temple to assist in cleaning up found the rooms very dirty. some of the people having greased their boots & wiped it off on the carpets. Bro McAllister. A.P. Winsor & John L. Smith with myself. worked hard until 130 sweeping & dusting. Nailing & fixing up the screens ready for Work. leaving the upper room for tomorrow in the evening wrote home to my Wives and to Elder John Rider whom I had left in charge of the Ward affairs at home - also delivered at the Temple 65 yards of home made carpet made by the sisters of Kanab Relief Society - also paid to A. T. Macdonald cash 1000 & Postage Stamp & envelopes 25.00 on Temple offerings-Joseph E. Mangum called on me for a Recomend to go through the Temple for his endowments. I told him to get himself ready & I would enquire as to his Tithing (2)

-- Fri 12.
[John Nuttle] At Temple at 830 16 for Living & 9 for dead Endowments. 4 ordained 2 Baptized. 6 Sealed. 4 Sealed. dead,. I acting as Recorder-. Made up the Records with Bro McAllister L. M. Hamblin arrived from Kanab with 1629 lb Flour & 17 1/2 Bus Barley for the Tithing office. called in the eveing at Prest Youngs he not so well as common. held a preyer meeting at the Big House. a good time (2)

-- Mon 15.
[John Nuttle] Went to Temple this Morning. weather clear but bad under foot. assisted at the setting apart of 9 Brethren called on the Mexican or Southern Mission and of the ordaining 7 of said brethren. ...arrived from Kanab also D. A. Washburn & Jas. O. Wilkins with loads of Lumber as follows. T. Crosby 1300 feet. J. H. Lewis 1300. Z. K. Judd J. 1300. L J Nuttall 864. D. A. Washburn 100. J. O. Wilkins 1560 feet for A/c of Tithing office making 6424 feet. Scantley 67 (Total) 6491 feet also D. A. Washburn 1400 ft. for Dr. Dunford on his bill ... (2)

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