LDS Tithing History, Sep 8, 1872

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Sep 8, 1872
[Sermon] George Q. Cannon: Tithing, JD 15:145 - 157 (1)

-- Jan 19, 1873
[Sermon] Orson Hyde: Rewards According to Works - Tithing, JD 15:303 - 312 (1)

-- Apr 7, 1873
[Sermon] Orson Pratt: Establishment of the Kingdom of God - Permanent Equality Should Be Maintained Among the Saints - Covetousness - Tithing - Consecration - Distinctions, JD 16:1 - 8 (1)

-- May 6, 1873
Minutes of the Salt Lake Stake Deacon's Quorum note: "Bro. Chambers said he received the gospel when he was quite a youth while slavery was, and he saved a little money, and came to the valley. He was glad to meet with the Saints, he desired to live with them while he lives, knows the Church is true and the Saints are the people of God. He knew it from the time the Elders laid their hands on him. He feels to be active in doing what he can do for the building up of the kingdom of God. The race he comes of fall away. He feels it is right, the servants of God should keep the Priesthood pure. He feels glad to have the privilege to pay tithing and donations." Samuel D. Chambers, was a former African-American slave had worked for four years after the end of slavery in Mississippi in order to make the trek to Utah. (2)

-- May 18, 1873
[Sermon] Brigham Young: Unbelief - The Saints Require Constant Instruction - Contrast Between the Gospel of Christ and the Religions of Men - Evil Would Cease Among the Saints If They Would Live Their Religion - Gathering the Poor - Tithing - Knowledge of God - Progress of the Work is Due to the Operations of the Spirit, JD 16:40 - 47 (1)

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