History of the Word of Wisdom, Apr 8, 1838 (Sunday)

-- Apr 8, 1838 (Sunday)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: Far West, Missouri, USA

Source: Ebenezer Robinson Record -Far West Record, 161) President Joseph jr made a few remarks respecting the Kirtland Bank. . .

President Joseph Smith jr next made a few remarks on the word of wisdom, giving the reason of its coming forth, saying it should be observed. (1)

-- Apr 13, 1838
In Kirtland, Ohio, David Whitmer is excommunicated for, among other things, "writing letters to the dissenters in Kirtland unfavorable to the cause, and to the character of Joseph Smith, Jun." He is also charged with "possessing the same spirit with the dissenters," failure to observe the Word of Wisdom, neglecting meetings, and signing his name to official Far West documents after being removed from the presidency there. (2)

-- Apr 14, 1838
Not a Capital Offense

An elder opposing Word of Wisdom "erred in spirit, therefore, feel to admonish him, but do not find anything in him worthy of death or bonds." (3)

-- May 6, 1838 (Sunday)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: Far West, Missouri, USA

Source: George W. Robinson Record in the "Scriptory Book") This day, President Smith. delivered a discourse. to the people. showing forth the evils that existed, and would exist, by reason of hasty Judgement or dessisions [decisions] upon any subject, given by any people or in judgeing before they hear both sides of the question, He also cautioned them against men, who should come here whining and growling about their money, because they had helpt the Saints and bore some of the burden with others. and thus thinking that others, -who are still poorer and who have still bore greater burden than themselves- aught to make up their loss &c. And thus he cautioned them to beware of them for here and there they throw out foul insinuations, to level as it were a dart to the best interests of the Church, & if possible to destroy the Characters of its Presidency

He also instructed the Church, in the Mistories of the Kingdom of God; giving them a history of the Plannets &c. and of Abrahams writings upon the Plannettary System &c. In the after part of the day Prest. Smith spoke upon different Subjects he dwelt some upon the Subject of Wisdom, & upon the word of Wisdom. &c. (1)

-- Jun 29, 1838
[Word of Wisdom] Lyman Wight, guilty of public drunkenness, is given a month to confess. (3)

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