History of the Word of Wisdom, Jan 24, 1836

-- Jan 24, 1836
[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, January 24th Met the several quorems in the room under the printing office. After organizing and op[e]ning by prayer, called upon the High Council of Kirtland to proceede and confess their sins as th[e]y might be directed by the spirit. They occupied the first part of the day and confessed and exhorted as the spirit led. P.M. attended again and saw /the/ Bread and wine administered to the quorems and brethren who were present.

In the evening met the Presidency in the room over the printing room and counseled on the subject of [the] Endowment and the preperation necessary for the Solemn Assembly which is to be called when the House of the Lord is finished. (1)

-- Feb 7, 1836
[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, February 7th Attended meeting at the us[u]al hour. The quorums were seated according to their official standing in the Church. The Bishop of Zion and his counsellors oc[c]upied the fore noon in confession and ex[h]ortation. The Bishop of Kirtland and his counsellors occupied the stand in the after noon. The discourses of these two quorums were verry interesting.

A number of letters of commendation were presented and read. A vote [was] called and all [were] received into the Church in Kirtland. Bread was broken and blessed and while it was passing President Rigdon commenced speaking from Acts 2d [chapter] and continued [for] about 15 minuits [minutes]. His 22 reasoning was cogent. The wine was then blessed and passed after which [the] meeting [was] dismissed.

At evening meet [met] with the Presidency in the loft of the Printing office, in company with the Presidency of the 70 to chose other 70 also. Blessed one of the Zion brethren. [The meeting was] dismissed and [I] retired. (1)

-- 1836: 8 March
[Patriarchal Blessings] Oliver Harmon. (Given by Joseph Smith, Sen.)

"Brother. In the name of Jesus I lay my hands upon thy head acording to the autherity given me of God an the power of the holy Priesthood I seal the blessings of a Father upon thee. thou must now Keep the Commandments of God because thou hast lived many years in sin & vanity. yet the Lord hath looked on thee & brought thee into the covenant of the people in the last days & made thee an heir of Abraham & joint heir with Jesus Christ. & I seal a blessing for thy Children & thy Childrens Children & they shall be reconed in thy covenent even in the covenent of Abraham & receive an inheritance with their brethren in Zion. thou shalt hold them by the prayer of faith & present them spotless before God in the Kingdom of the Father. thou must Seek wisdom & Keep the Word of Wisdom, & thou Shalt live till thou art Satisfied with life, & the distroyer Shall have no power to prevail against thee, thou Shalt have power over death & the grave & not sleep in the dust, but if thou wilt seek
with all thy heart thou shalt be able to translate & be with Elijah in the Kingdom of heaven. & if not then God['s] will shall be done. thou shalt have power to save thy relatives & keep them by faith from all the power of satan so that he Shall have no dominion over them. these blessings I seal for thee. & I seal thee up unto eternal life in the name of Jesus Amen." (From photocopy of the Oliver N. Harmon Reminiscences and Diary, 1857-85, LDS Archives.) [Age, 49; Scribe, Sylvester Smith.] (2)

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