The history of the Word of Wisdom, Feb 12, 1834

-- Feb 12, 1834
[Joseph Smith] A high priests and elders council is held in Kirtland. Joseph explains that a man's heart must be pure before judging any matter. He explains the strict propriety of councils held in ancient days as compared with the present situation where one man will be uneasy, another sleeping, another praying.Martin Harris is tried before the court for accusing Joseph of not understanding the Book of Mormon, of wrestling too much, and of drinking when he was translating the Book of Mormon. Martin Harris repents, stating that he meant that these things happened before the book was translated. He is forgiven. Leonard Rich is also called before the council for breaking the Word of Wisdom and for selling revelations at extortionate prices. He confesses and is forgiven. (1)

-- Feb 20, 1834
Kirtland, Ohio. At a high council meeting Joseph Smith attended, the brethren discussed whether or not a transgression of the Word of Wisdom should deprive an official member from holding office in the Church. (2)

[Joseph Smith] At a meeting of the high council it is decided that no official member of the Church is worthy to hold an office if he breaks the Word of Wisdom once it has been properly explained to him. Three Saints in Missouri return to Jackson County briefly and are severely beaten with clubs by a mob. (1)

[Word of Wisdom] Required

[Joseph:] no official member in this church is worthy to hold an office after having the words of wisdom properly taught to him, and he, the official member, neglecting to comply with, or obey them (3)

-- Apr 5, 1834
John Johnson petitions the court of common pleas in Chardon for a license to maintain a tavern in Kirtland. Joseph testifies in his behalf.

In 1837 a committee was appointed to "see if he would desist from selling spirituous liquors to those who were in the habit of getting intoxicated, and report to the authorities of the Church those members who might drink spirits at his house." (4)

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