LDS History, 1973

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- 1973
Church Membership at end of year: 3,306,658
New Converts : 87,750
Percent Change from previous year: 2.73% (1)

-- During December 1973
[Spencer W. Kimball] In December 1973 Kimball succeeded Harold B. Lee as president of the LDS Church. Though he was seventy-eight, he set a brisk pace. (2)

-- During 1973
[Equal Rights Amemdment] In Utah, the attack against ERA had begun when the amendment was first considered by the Utah legislature in 1973. Taking most supporters by surprise, a John Birch Society-backed organization (HOTDOG) lobbied successfully against ratification. (3)

[Ezra Taft Benson] In 1973 Benson was set apart as president of the Council of the Twelve Apostles. He worked to streamline church policies and procedures. (4)

A new set of missionary lessons was completed for use in all missions. It was the first change in missionary lessons since 1961. (5)

HBO becomes first channel delivered via satellite. (6)

KRIC, Ricks College‘s first radio station, begins broadcasting. The 75,000-watt station later becomes Idaho‘s first classical music station. (6)

The Uniform System for Teaching Families is published by the Church for missionaries to teach about the focus on families. (6)

-- Jan 13, 1974
[U.S. Religious History] Under the leadership of Jim Bakker, the PTL Club began broadcasting in the United States. (7)

-- Jan 14, 1974
Stake names changed to reflect headquarters city and state or country. (8)

-- Mar 23, 1974
In an exchange of pioneer homes, the Church traded the Brigham Young Forest Farm home in Salt Lake City to the state of Utah for use in the state's Pioneer State Park. The Church acquired the Brigham Young winter home in St. George and the Jacob Hamblin home in nearby Santa Clara, Utah, for use as visitor and information centers. (5)

-- Apr 4, 1974
Spencer W. Kimball delivered his maxim "Lengthen your stride" at regional representatives seminar. (8)

-- Apr 11, 1974
[Joseph Smith] L. Tom Perry is ordained to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (9)

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