LDS History, Jun 9, 1974

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- Jun 9, 1974
The Belfast, Ireland Stake is organized with Andrew Renfrew as President. The Belfast Stake was the first stake in Ireland. (1)

-- Jun 20, 1974
Mission names changed to reflect headquarters city and state or country. (2)

-- Jun 23, 1974
MIA was dropped from the name of Church youth programs. (3)

Aaronic Priesthood MIA changed to Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women. (2)

-- During July 1974
[African Americans in Utah] The Salt Lake NAACP branch was reinvigorated and both branches actively supported the quest for civil rights. Non-violent demonstrations were held in support of the national civil rights agenda as well as in hopes of influencing the Utah Legislature to pass open housing legislation. In July 1974 the Salt Lake Chapter of the NAACP filed a suit on behalf of two black Boy Scouts who were denied leadership posts in a troop sponsored by the LDS Church. The position of senior patrol leader was linked with the church priesthood and since blacks could not hold the priesthood they could not aspire to the senior patrol leadership position. (4)

-- During 1974 July
[Joseph Smith] The Church implements a major reorganization, including standardized naming of missions and stakes. (5)

-- Sep 1, 1974
Church College of Hawaii became a branch of Brigham Young University and was renamed Brigham Young University-Hawaii Campus. (3)

-- Sep 6, 1974
The First Presidency announced that the Church was divesting itself of its 15 hospitals in three western states and turning them over to a non-Church, non-profit organization, Intermountain Health Care. The Church completed the legal steps for divesting the hospitals on March 21, 1975. (3)

Church announced divestiture of its 15 hospitals; actual transfer took place the following March. (2)

-- During September 1974
Gordon B. Hinckley hosts special guests Washington D.C. Temple open house, including First Lady Betty Ford. (6)

-- Oct 3, 1974
Seventies quorums were authorized in all stakes and all quorums in the Church were renamed after the stake. (3)

Seventies quorums and stake mission leadership combined. (2)

-- Nov 19, 1974
President Spencer W. Kimball dedicated the Washington Temple at Kensington, Md. Visitors during pre-dedication tours September through November totaled 758,327, topping the previous record of 662,401 at the Los Angeles Temple in 1956. (3)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology