LDS History, 1978

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- During 1978
Cellular telephone service begins in United States. (1)

Gospel Principles published; first manual produced by the centralized curriculum department. (1)

KSL-FM sold. (1)

The public communications office of the Church sponsors inserts in the Reader’s Digest to explain the Church‘s beliefs and views on families. It hires an agency in Detroit to bring a non-LDS perspective to its message. (1)

[Histories of Utah] Aiming at the college students in Utah history courses and the general adult reader, a group of the abler scholars in Utah studies collaborated to produce Utah's History in 1978. Richard D. Poll was general editor. Twenty-eight scholars contributed chapters in their fields of special study. Each monographic chapter had its own bibliography, and the whole was supplemented by 58 pages of charts, tables, and maps. (2)

[John Singer] He entered into a plural marriage in 1978 with Shirley Black, an already married woman with four children. (3)

-- During 1978-1980
[Sunstone Editor/Publisher] Allen Roberts, Co-editor/publisher (4)

[Sunstone Editor/Publisher] Peggy Fletcher, Co-editor/publisher (4)

-- During 1978-1986
[Sunstone Editor/Publisher] Peggy Fletcher, Editor (4)

-- During 1978
[Utah] Arches National Monument gains National Park status. (5)

-- Jan 18, 1979
[John Singer] On the morning of 18 January 1979 Singer was confronted outside his home by Utah law enforcement officers. His home was surrounded and he was told to surrender his weapon. Singer pointed a pistol at the officers and the officers responded killing Singer with multiple gunshot wounds. His wife Vickie was taken to jail and his children were placed in shelter homes. (3)

-- Jan 22, 1979
John Singer was buried in the Marion cemetery on 22 January 1979. (3)

-- Feb 3, 1979
The Church Genealogical Department announced a new "family entry system" to allow submissions of names of deceased ancestors for temple work whose birthplaces and birthdates are unknown. (6)

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