LDS History, Nov 16, 1981

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-- Nov 16, 1981
Jordan River Utah Temple; Location: South Jordan, Utah, USA; Announcement: 3 February 1978; Dedication: 16 November 1981 by Marion G. Romney (1)

-- 1981
Church Membership at end of year: 4,920,449
New Converts : 280,627
Percent Change from previous year: 6.05% (2)

[African Americans in Utah] The recent efforts of the Aryan Nation, a white supremacist group, to establish an office in the Salt Lake area were strongly rebuffed by a broad cross-section of the community representing a variety of racial, religious, political, and ethnic groups. This is in striking contrast to a non-response to the NAACPs 1979 request that civic and religious organizations and government officials join in denouncing the Ku Klux Klans efforts to actively recruit and spread their message of hate throughout the state. The visibility and acceptance of African Americans in a variety of positions is gradually increasing at many levels within the state of Utah. Companies in the private sector such as Delta Airlines, American Express, Northwest Pipeline, Innovations Consulting, Inc., and Zions Bank realize that they have a vital interest in promoting diversity and have sought to lead by example. Public and higher education has also played an important role in advanci
ng diversity within the workplace and the role of local, state, and federal governments cannot be overlooked.
According to Professor Larry Gerlach of the University of Utah, an expert on the Klan in Utah, "the silence was deafening: not a single religious leader, governmental official, or newspaper publisher publicly voiced opposition to the formation of the Klan." In 1980 and 1981 opposition to the Klan efforts was expressed by the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, by Mayor Glen Cannon of Draper, and by the local media. Most Utahns chose to ignore the issue. (3)

-- During 1981 to 1982
[African Americans in Utah] Terry Williams, a Democrat from Salt Lake City, was elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 1980, and served from 1981 to 1982. (3)

-- During 1981-
[Fundamentalist] Gerald Peterson, Jr, Leader, Righteous Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (4)

-- During 1981
Installation of extensive satellite system for the Church. (5)

Bonneville Entertainment Company incorporated into Bonneville International Corporation. (6)

IBM introduces a 16-bit personal computer. (6)

[General Religious History] The Stregherian revial, the Arician Tradition is founded and "The Book of the Holy Strega" and "The Book of Ways" Volume I & II are published. (7)

-- During (1981
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] The choir's numerous citations and awards have included the Peabody Award for service to American Broadcasting (1944, 1962) and the Freedom Foundation's "George Washington Award" (1981, 1988). (8)

-- During 1981
[Spencer W. Kimball] Oversees the publication of a new edition of the triple combination, with an updated footnote system and index. (9)

-- During 1981 to 1985
[Spencer W. Kimball] Oversees the dedications of 17 temples. (9)

-- During 1981
[Spencer W. Kimball] Brain surgery in 1979 slowed him, and recurring troubles in 1981 ended his active leadership. During his last four years, his counselor Gordon B. Hinckley shouldered major responsibilities. (10)

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