LDS History, 1977-1982

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- During 1977-1982
[Editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought] Mary Lythgoe Bradford (1)

-- During 1977
[Equal Rights Amemdment] By 1977 only thirteen additional states had ratified and five states had voted to rescind. (2)

-- During 1977-2005
Owen A. Allred, Leader, Apostolic United Brethern Fundamentalist Group (3)

-- During 1977
By this date, Church General Conference broadcasts include radio, television, radio satellite and oceanic cable. Broadcasts by one or more of these media reach all fifty United States, Latin America, Australia, the Philippines, and parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Church owns, ―through subsidiary corporations and institutions, ―sixteen radio and television stations, a sophisticated international broadcast distribution system, a Washington news bureau, a cable TV systemand production and consulting divisions. (4)

By this date, the Book of Mormon has been translated into 22 languages. (4)

-- During 1977-
[Periodicals] Tambuli; International Manila and Makati, Magazines Philippines (Periodical) (5)

-- During 1977
Utah firing squad makes Gary Gilmore first person executed in the United States for almost ten years. (6)

[Utah Historical Society] A state paleontologist was added in 1977, and publication of an antiquities monograph series began the next year. (7)

-- Mar 8, 1978
KSL TV firstuses fiber-optics. (4)

-- Mar 31, 1978
President Spencer W. Kimball announced that semiannual rather than quarterly stake conferences would be held starting in 1979. (8)

Quarterly stake conferences became semiannual. (9)

-- Apr 1, 1978
President Kimball emphasized the four-generation program, which later became the basis for the Church's computerized Ancestral File. (8)

-- Apr 6, 1978
[Ernest L. Wilkenson] Wilkinson died on 6 April 1978. (10)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology