LDS History, Jan 20, 1981

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-- Jan 20, 1981
The Tabernacle Choir participated in the inaugural festivities for President Ronald Reagan. (1)

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs at President Ronald Reagan‘s inauguration, who calls it ―America‘s Choir. (2)

[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] The choir performs at the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan, who names it Americas Choir. (3)

-- During January 1981
[Equal Rights Amemdment] In January 1981 a Nevada legislature in which Mormons figured prominently rejected the ERA thirty seconds after it was introduced. (4)

-- Mar 18, 1981
Formation of Missionary, Priesthood, and Temple and Genealogy Executive Councils. (5)

-- During March 1981
First KSL-AM stereo broadcast. (2)

-- Apr 1, 1981
Plans to build nine smaller temples in the United States, Central America, Asia, Africa and Europe were announced by President Spencer W. Kimball: Chicago, Ill.; Dallas, Texas; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Lima, Peru; Frankfurt, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; Seoul, Korea; Manila, Philippines; and Johannesburg, South Africa. (1)

President Spencer W. Kimball announces plans for temples in 9 cities worldwide, of these, two are in Europe; Frankfurt, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden. (6)

-- Apr 3, 1981
At the regional representatives meeting, President Spencer W. Kimball outlined three responsibilities to carry out the mission of the Church: Proclaim the gospel, perfect the saints and redeem the dead. (1)

-- During April 1981
[Thomas S. Monson] Received honorary doctorate of law from Brigham Young University. (7)

-- May 5, 1981
The First Presidency publicly voiced its opposition to the proposed basing of the MX missile system in the Utah-Nevada desert. (1)

-- During June 1981
Church begins installing satellite receivers in all stake centers around the U.S,745 beginning with Utah. (2)

-- Jul 23, 1981 - 27 November 1982
[1st Presidency Changes] Spencer W. Kimball N. Eldon Tanner Marion G. Romney Gordon B. Hinckley (Counselor) Gordon B. Hinckley called as Counselor (8)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology