LDS History, 18 June-Jul 2, 2005

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- 18 June-Jul 2, 2005
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] The choir and orchestra conduct a 15-day tour to the Pacific Northwest, visiting 8 cities: Boise, Idaho; Spokane and Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento, California; and Reno, Nevada. (1)

-- 2005 23-Jun
President Hinckley celebrates his 95th birthday (2)

-- During June 2005
Church announces that at any one time, broadcast systems can reach up to 97 percent of the Church's members throughout the world. (3)

[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] Barbershop Quartet Convention. (1)

-- Jul 3, 2005
The first meetinghouse in the southeastern African nation of Malawi, a country of 12 million people, was dedicated in the city of Blantyre. (4)

-- Jul 22, 2005
[Hinckley] Honored on his 95^th birthday in a -Celebration of Life- at the Conference Center with guests performers and 21,000 guests (2)

-- Jul 31, 2005-Aug. 9
President Hinckley traveled 24,995 miles on a seven-nation tour of Asia and Africa, holding meetings in Russia, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Kenya and Nigeria, where he also dedicated the Aba Nigeria Temple. He was the first Church president to visit India. (4)

-- Jul 31, 2005
[Hinckley] 9 August - Traveled nearly 25,000 miles on a seven-nation tour to Taiwan, Russia, South Korea, China, India, and Africa (2)

-- During 2005 July-August
First annual Nauvoo Pageant held in Nauvoo, IL in honor of Joseph Smith's 200th birthday. (5)

-- Aug 7, 2005
[Hinckley] Dedicated the Aba Nigeria Temple (2)

Aba Nigeria Temple; Location: Aba, Abia, Nigeria; Announcement: 2 April 2000; Dedication: 7 August 2005 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Classic modern, single-spire design (6)

-- Aug 28, 2005
[Hinckley] Dedicated the Newport Beach California Temple (2)

Newport Beach California Temple; Location: Newport Beach, California, USA; Announcement: 21 April 2001; Dedication: 28 August 2005 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Southern California traditional design (6)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology