LDS History, 2002 27-Jun

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-- 2002 27-Jun
[Hinckley] Dedicated rebuilt Nauvoo Illinois Temple (1)

-- Jun 27, 2002
Nauvoo Illinois Temple; Location: Nauvoo, Illinois, USA; Announcement: 4 April 1999; Dedication: 27 June 2002 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Greek revival - designed by William Weeks; Notes: Built on the site of the Nauvoo Temple and dedicated on the 158th anniversary of the death of Joseph Smith, Jr., the exterior is an almost exact reconstruction of the original temple. Primary difference is weather-vane has been replaced with a statue of Moroni. However, the interior has 4 progressive ordinance rooms with murals like those in the early Utah temples leading to the celestial room and 6 sealing rooms. (2)

-- During June 2002
By this date, BYU Television is made available in about 20 million homes across the United States via Dish Network, Direct TV, AT&T, and broadband cable in northern Utah and some western cable stations. (3)

-- 2002 1-Jul
[Hinckley] Dedicated new Hill Cumorah Visitors-" Center (1)

-- 2002 7-Sep
[Hinckley] Dedicated Freiberg Germany Temple (1)

-- 2002 8-Sep
[Hinckley] Dedicated The Hague Netherlands Temple (1)

-- Sep 8, 2002
The Hague Netherlands Temple; Location: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands; Announcement: 16 August 1999; Dedication: 8 September 2002 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Classic modern, single-spire design (2)

-- Sep 9, 2002-10
President Hinckley became the first Church president to visit Russia and Ukraine. (4)

-- 2002 9-10 September
[Hinckley] Visited Kiev, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia, becoming the first Church president to visit those nations (1)

-- 2002 17-Nov
[Hinckley] Rededicated Monticello Utah Temple (1)

-- Nov 18, 2002
[U.S. Religious History] U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson of Montgomery, Alabama, ordered the removal of Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument, finding that it violated the constitution's ban on government establishment of religion. Thompson wrote in his decision that "the Ten Commandments monument, viewed alone or in the context of its history, placement, and location, has the primary effect of endorsing religion." (5)

-- 2002
Church Membership at end of year: 11,721,548
New Converts : 327,026
Percent Change from previous year: 2.87% (6)

-- During 2002-2007
Warren Jeffs, Leader, Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (7)

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