LDS History, Aug 22, 2003

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-- Aug 22, 2003
[U.S. Religious History] Because Roy Moore disobeyed a federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments monument, the state Judicial Inquiry Commission charged Moore with violating six canons of ethics and he was suspended with pay pending trial before the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. (1)

-- Aug 25, 2003
[U.S. Religious History] Alabama Chief Justice Moore was suspended for his refusal to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building. (1)

[U.S. Religious History] Supporters of Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument filed suit in federal court in Mobile to try and block the monument's removal. It was filed on behalf of two Alabama residents described as Christians who believe "the United States was founded upon Jesus Christ" and their freedom of religion is being violated. (1)

-- Aug 27, 2003
[U.S. Religious History] Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument was moved out of the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building to comply with a federal court order. (1)

-- Sep 03, 2003
[U.S. Religious History] Rev. Paul Hill was executed by the State of Florida for the murders of John Britton, a medical doctor, and James Barrett, a retired military officer, as they were entering The Ladies Center in Pensacola, Florida, where Britton performed abortions. (1)

-- 2003 9-Sep
[Hinckley] Installed Cecil O. Samuelson as the 12th president of Brigham Young University (2)

-- 2003 14-Sep
[Hinckley] Dedicated Redlands California Temple (2)

-- Sep 14, 2003
Redlands California Temple; Location: Redlands, California, USA; Announcement: 21 April 2001; Dedication: 14 September 2003 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Classic modern, single-spire design (3)

-- Oct 22, 2003
[U.S. Religious History] On the news program Crossfire, Jerry Falwell explained that God was responsible for the election and re-election of President Clinton. The reason: "I think that we needed Bill Clinton, because we turned our backs on the Lord and we needed a bad President to get our attention again. To pray for a good President. That's what I believe." (1)

-- Nov 03, 2003
[U.S. Religious History] The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, upholding U.S. District Judge Myron Thompsons ruling to have Moore's Ten Commandments monument removed. The state may not acknowledge the sovereignty of the Judeo-Christian God and attribute to that God our religious freedom, wrote Judge Thompson in his ruling. (1)

-- Nov 13, 2003
[U.S. Religious History] An Alabama state ethics board unanimously ruled that when Chief Justice Roy Moore defied a federal judge's order to move a stone Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building, he violated state judicial ethics rules. As a consequence, he has been removed from his office of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. (1)

[U.S. Religious History] The Alabama Court of the Judiciary removed Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore from his elected position because he refused to follow U.S. District Judge Myron Thompsons court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building. (1)

-- Nov 30, 2003
The first meetinghouse of the Church in Ethiopia was dedicated in the nation's capital of Addis Ababa. (4)

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