LDS History, October 2001

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- During October 2001
Church announces plans to launch, a web site designed to allow visitors to receive answers to their questions about the Church‘s beliefs. (1)

More than 3,000 worldwide Church satellites pick up General Conference. (1)

[Media] In preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, The Church launched which was designed specifically for those who were not members of the Church. (2)

-- Nov 9, 2001
Tom Brokaw, of NBC Nightly News, interviews President Hinckley in advance of the winter Olympics. (1)

-- Nov 11, 2001
The first meetinghouse built by the Church in the Czech Republic was dedicated in Brno. (3)

-- Nov 18, 2001
Columbia River Washington Temple; Location: Richland, Washington, USA; Announcement: 2 April 2000; Dedication: 18 November 2001 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Classic modern, single-spire design (4)

-- Dec 2, 2001
The first meetinghouse in Sri Lanka was dedicated in the capital city of Colombo. (3)

-- Dec 17, 2001
After a 32-month absence of proselytizing missionaries in the Republic of Serbia, six missionaries from the Bulgaria Sofia Mission returned to Serbia. Missionaries were withdrawn from the country in March 1999 because of conflict in the region. (3)

-- 2001
Church Membership at end of year: 11,394,522
New Converts : 325,661
Percent Change from previous year: 2.94% (5)

-- During December 2001
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir appears on CBS‘ Touched by an Angel, 60 Minutes II and PBS Christmas Eve Special during the Christmas season. (1)

-- During 2001
BYU-TV isadded as ―home station to Church satellite system. Station is delivered to Church buildings and backyard satellite dishes worldwide. (1)

Church releases Freeman Bank records to facilitate African American genealogical research. (1)

KBYU digital 44 broadcasts first high-definition news event in Utah (inauguration of President George W. Bush). (1)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology