LDS History, Sep 10, 2005

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- Sep 10, 2005
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] Inaugural Bells on Temple Square. (1)

-- Sep 20, 2005
[Hinckley] Dedicated the Joseph F. Smith Building on the BYU campus. It houses the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences and the College of Humanities. (2)

-- Oct 7, 2005
The First Presidency broke ground for a five-story state-of-the-art Church History Library at a site across the street east of the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. (3)

-- Oct 8, 2005
[Hinckley] The First Presidency broke ground for a state-of-the-art Church History Library across the street from Temple Square (2)

-- Oct 22, 2005
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] Tanner Gift of Music Concert with the Utah Symphony, featuring Irish tenor Ronan Tynan and musical group Leahy. (1)

-- Oct 26, 2005
[Utah] The Mormon Church, citing difficulties with the government of President Hugo Chavez in renewing visas or obtaining new ones, said it is pulling its foreign missionaries out of Venezuela and reassigning them to other countries. (4)

-- During October 2005
General Conference is available in 80 languages. (5)

-- Nov 12, 2005
The first Church meetinghouse on Kiritimati Atoll, a 248-square-mile coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean, which is part of the Republic of Kiribati and also known as Christmas Island, was dedicated. (3)

-- Nov 19, 2005
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] Mini-tour to Denver for the National Sports Center for the Disabled. (1)

-- Dec 16, 2005
Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration premieres at Legacy Theater. (5)

-- Dec 23, 2005
Culminating a yearlong celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Church held a commemorative satellite broadcast that featured segments from the prophet's birthplace in Vermont, as well as from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. The commemorative program was telecast to 161 countries by satellite and worldwide by Internet, with the proceedings translated into 81 languages. (3)

[Hinckley] Conducted and spoke at a Church wide meeting from the Joseph Smith birthplace in Sharon, Vermont. It culminated a year of activities celebrating the prophet-"s 100^th birthday (2)

-- 2005
Church Membership at end of year: 12,560,869
New Converts : 285,047
Percent Change from previous year: 2.32% (6)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology