Lorenzo Snow, 28 December 1898

-- 28 December 1898
[Wife of Lorenzo Snow] Death of wife Mary Adaline Goddard (1)

-- Dec 29, 1898 (Thursday)
Pres. Lorenzo Snow, in a telegraphic communication to the New York World, declared officially that polygamous or plural marriages ceased in Utah with the issuance of the manifesto by the late Pres. Wilford Woodruff in 1890, and that the election of Brigham H. Roberts to Congress was an entirely secular affair, with which the Church had nothing to do. (2)

-- Dec 30, 1898; Friday
President [Lorenzo] Snow still at Brigham City [Utah]; President [George Q.] Cannon at home sick; President [Joseph F.] Smith at the Office, where he received a call from Brother Reed Smoot, of Provo [Utah]. Brother Smoot had previously made a proposition to President Smith to purchase the 40 shares of capital stock, held by the latter for the Church, in the First National Bank at Provo, with the idea that if he purchased these shares he would consolidate the First National and the Provo Commercial and Savings Banks, with which he is directly directed. This matter was brought by President Smith to the attention of Presidents Snow and Cannon a few days ago and considered by them all. They concluded to dispose of this stock, but to give the Directors of the Bank the first chance to buy it, and Pres[iden]t. Smith wrote the cashier, Douglass Swan, to this effect. Bro[ther]. Swan came to the city yesterday, prepared to purchase the stock, but was told that as President Snow was away the matter would have to go over until his return. This President

Smith told Brother Smoot this morning, whereupon the latter said that he would give $5 a share more than Brother Swan had offered, whatever his offer might be. President Smith stated that Brother Swan had offered $51. Brother Smoot then offered President Smith $60 a share for the forty shares, adding that it was his intention if he got control of the stock to make all the stock worth that figure and thus benefit all the stockholders. Brother Smoot also stated that the Directors of the First National Bank had refused to give Brother Twelves $35 a share for his stock, and that he, Brother Smoot, had recently told Dr. Pike, a Director of the First National, that if the proposed consolidation were effected, he would give $50 a share to everybody who wanted to sell. (3)

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