Lorenzo Snow, Jan 13, 1899; Friday

-- Jan 13, 1899; Friday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [George Q.] Cannon were waited upon by Elders Anthon H. Lund, Karl G. Maeser and James E. Talmage, the former two being members of the committee who recently heard read the manuscript of the text book "Articles of Faith", prepared by Brother Talmage, pursuant to a request from the First Presidency contained in a letter to him dated February 20, 1893. The committee had passed on the manuscript, but the question now arose with them as to whether the Church should accept the work--which Brother Talmage offers free, also his services in proof-reading, etc.--or whether the author should publish it as individual property. Brother Talmage reminded the Presidency that the letter to him of February 20, 1893, was the sequence of a suggestion made by him to the effect that he was quite willing to give his time and services in preparation of this manuscript, provided the book when published should be sold at a price sufficiently low to place it within the reach of all who might desire a copy. It was decided that the Church accept the manuscript and publish it as cheaply as possible.

At 11 A.M. Brother T[homas]. G. Webber and Mr. W[illiam]. S. McCornick, of the committee on Federal building site, kept an appointment [with] Presidents Snow and Cannon in relation to that business. After considerable conversation, President Snow informed these gentlemen of the results of deliberations upon this subject, to-wit, that provided the Church should realize $200,000 for the News corner (20 x 20 rods) it would donate $50,000 towards the erection of the proposed building there. Messrs. McCornick and Webber expressed themselves to the effect that they did not think for a moment that the property was worth $200,000, and they believed that efforts to locate the building there at that figure would be fruitless. (1)

-- Jan 16, 1899; Monday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and

[George Q.] Cannon at 1 P.M. were called upon by Brother James E. Talmage, in relation to his work "Articles of Faith", which is about to be published. A paper connected with it on the subject of the Holy Ghost had been submitted to President Snow for his consideration, and he now told Brother Talmage that he had read it, was very much pleased with it, and thought it might with propriety he made a part of the book. Brother Talmage then read a chapter on plural marriage, which it was decided not to publish in this work, which was being issued under Church auspices, lest it might be construed by our enemies as an attempt by the Church to propagate a belief in polygamy. The use made by local ministers in their reply to President Snow's recent communication to the New York World, of a paper advocating polygamy printed by Brother B. H. Roberts, editor of the Improvement Era, mentioned in this connection. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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