Lorenzo Snow, Mar 27, 1899; Monday

-- Mar 27, 1899; Monday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were in the Office. A letter was read from Elder Anthony W. Ivins, President of Juarez [Mexico] Stake, replying to a letter written to him, asking him to investigate a matter presented by Browning Brothers of Salt Lake City and Ogden, who had supplied our people in Mexico with arms and ammunition to defend themselves against an uprising of the Indians in 1872, on which account a balance was still due. The correspondence upon the subject is to be referred to Apostle George Teasdale, who presided in Mexico when the arms were purchased.

President Charles O. Card of Alberta [Canada] Stake called, in relation to a matter of business connected with his own and Brother M[ilton]. D. Hammond's duties on the Canada Canal contract. He left with the understanding that Brother Hammond have the power of attorney from the Church to deal with the irrigation company, pay the workers on the canal, etc., but that he could be helpful to him in assigning lands to the workers who were paid in land and cash, and in doing other work which Brother Hammond would not have time to do. This was satisfactory to Brother Card. The question of Brother John W. Taylor's going to Canada to work in connection with the canal contract came up, a matter suggested by Mr. [Charles A.] McGrath on the 13th inst and it was decided that Brother Taylor should have permission to do what he could in that direction, with the hope that through the generosity of Mr. Galt, Mr. McGrath's associate, who sympathized with him in his losses and felt friendly towards him, he might be able to reap some material benefit.

William J. Kerr, President of the Brigham Young College at Logan [Utah], with Apostle Brigham Young and Bishop William B. Preston, two of the trustees of that College, met with the Presidency, to whom Elder Kerr stated that it would require $8,200 as an appropriation from the Church to eke out the income of that institution and carry the school to the end of the present year. Agreeable to former instructions he had endeavored to ascertain what reduction the teachers could stand in their salaries in order to keep the institution going, and he now reported that while the teachers were willing to do anything possible to keep the College open, if their salaries should be cut it would prevent most of them from attending Eastern Colleges during the summer vacation, as they contemplated doing, and the home institution would be correspondingly deprived of better service.

President Snow frankly replied that the Church could not afford to furnish the means asked for, especially since Bear Lake [Idaho/Utah] and Sanpete [Utah] Stakes were putting up academies and applying for help, that the Stake building at Richfield [Utah] was also asking for assistance, and the Brigham Young College itself was burdened with debt as the result of erecting the new addition to their buildings. He suggested that the people be appealed to on behalf of this College, and also on behalf of the Brigham Young Academy at Provo [Utah] and the Latter-day Saints' College at Salt Lake City.

Bishop Preston remarked that the people could only do so much, and that if they were called upon for special aid in these directions it would necessarily affect the tithing income, and the Church could not look for any increase of tithing for the current year.

President Snow stated that the Church employees, many of them, were only about half paid, and as far as he was concerned he would not cut the salaries of those teachers one farthing, he would prefer to increase them.

After further conversation, it was decided to make the necessary appropriation, and trust in the Lord. An order was therefore issued for $8,200, one fourth payable in cash, for the purpose of running the College to the end of the present year.

Apostle Heber J. Grant called and had a private conversation with President Snow upon the subject of Mayor Clark's appointment of Arthur Pratt to the office of Chief of Police, and the Democratic opposition to that appointment. (1)

-- Mar 29, 1899; Wednesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were in the Office. Apostle Heber J. Grant handed to President Snow the note for $250,000 given to J. B. Claflin, in September, 1893, the time of the financial panic.

Power of attorney was mailed to Bishop M[ilton]. D. Hammond, with accompanying letter informing him at the conclusion arrived at on Monday last respecting the division of work between him and President C[harles]. O. Card. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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