Lorenzo Snow, Jan 24, 1899; Tuesday

-- Jan 24, 1899; Tuesday
Bro[ther]s [Francis M.] Lyman, [John Henry] Smith and I had a chat with Pres[ident]t Lorenzo Snow. John Henry Smith suggested that Bro[ther] Snow write him a letter, as it was being circulated that it was the mind and will of the Lord that Frank J. Cannon be chosen to succeed himself as U.S. Senator. Bro[ther] Snow signed the following letter which I wrote out at the suggestion of Bro[ther] John H[enr]y. Smith.

Jan[uar]y 24. [18]99.

Elder John Henry Smith,


Dear Brother: Answering your question as to whether I favor the election of any man for U.S. Senator I will say that I endorse no man for the office of United States Senator and any use of my name or the name of the Church in favor of any candidate is without my knowledge or consent and is unwarranted.

Yours truly Lorenzo Snow.


-- Jan 25, 1899; Wednesday
Bishop Robert Morris of the Eleventh Ward met Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [George Q.] Cannon, and represented that an invalid sister named Wallis, a member of his Ward, desired to receive her endowments, but was physically unable to do her own work; she therefore wanted to know if it would be proper for her to receive her endowments by proxy. Presidents Snow and Cannon consented to this being done, but expressed a desire that the matter be not talked about.

Prof[essor]. Benjamin Cluff, Jun[ior]., President of the Brigham Young Academy, submitted to the Presidency a financial scheme for the benefit of that institution. He proposed to get out a circular, addressed particularly to the Alumni of the Academy, inviting subscriptions to the school, with the understanding that all monies raised in this manner be loaned to the Church for an unlimited time, the Academy to draw the interest only. Brother Cluff thought that quite a considerable sum could be realized by this method in time. President remarked that he would favor the scheme, provided an individual letter should be written in lieu of the issuance of a circular. President Snow approved of President Cannon's idea, but felt that no such attempt should be made to raise means for the Academy until the Church should be well out of debt. He felt that the people ought not to be crowded in those matters. (2)

-- Jan 27, 1899; Friday
The following named gentlemen met with Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [George Q.] Cannon this morning on the Federal building a site question: T[homas]. G. Webber, W[illiam]. S. McCornick, T[homas]. R. Cutler, L. S. Hills, and George M. Cannon. It was stated that the committee having the matter in hand had concluded that they would be willing to undertake to raise by subscription enough money to pave the streets for one block east, west and north of the Deseret News corner, and to bear the expense of sending a man to Washington to work for that corner as the site for the proposed building. They intimated that it might be necessary to present the site to the government as an inducement to build upon it, and the question now arose at what figure could the Church allow the property to go. President Snow could not answer this question and Mr. McCornick suggested that the matter be left to President Cannon. To this President Snow agreed. Mr. McCornick felt that President Cannon was the right man to go to Washington on this business. (2)

1 - Heber J. Grant, Diary
2 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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