Lorenzo Snow, Mar 23, 1899

-- Mar 23, 1899
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith proceeded from the President's Office at 11 A.M., to meet with the Apostles in the Temple; President [George Q.] Cannon being in Provo [Utah]. Present at the Council: Presidents Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith and Franklin D. Richards; Apostles Brigham Young [Jr.], Francis M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, George Teasdale, Anthon H. Lund, Matthias F. Cowley, and Rudger Clawson. ... A discussion then took place as to the proper method of calling missionaries, a discussion participated in by Brothers John Henry Smith, Francis M. Lyman, Rudger Clawson, President Joseph F. Smith and President Lorenzo Snow. The gist of the matter was that the proper way to call missionaries was through the Presidents of Stakes and the Ward Bishops, and that too without suggestions from the mission fields as to what particular persons should be called; at least this was the view of the majority of the brethren who took part in the discussion. (1)

-- Mar 25, 1899; Saturday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. ...

Sister Julia Freke Samson called and asked permission to use her tithing to pay persons for helping her to do her Temple work. She stated that she had a great deal of this kind of work to do, was unable to do it herself and not able to hire it done. President Snow answered that it was a matter she must decide for herself; the word of the Lord required the Saints to tithe themselves, and he thought she had better comply with the law, and then do what she could for her dead, but not attempt to do any more than she could afford to do. This sister claims to be a grand-daughter of King George IV of England, and she is now doing the work for the Stuarts.

Permission was given to the Bishopric of the Seventh Ward to use the Salt Lake Assembly Hall on March 26th and 28th, April 1st and May 2nd, for the giving of elocutionary entertainments.

Mr. Marion's article, having been refused by the Boston Globe, was sent to the [Deseret] News for publication. The author, who is not a Mormon, and never has been one, gives a fair and unbiased statement concerning Utah and her people. He speaks of them as "one of the most progressive, virtuous, industrious and thrifty classes of citizens" he has ever lived among, and he was born and reared in new England until past twenty-five years of age. "There is no place on the globe", says he, "where brotherly love and kind assistance in times of need are practiced to a greater extent than among this people". He defends the Mormon religion as reasonable, and even polygamy as scriptural, and state the facts about the Roberts case. He shows that the Mormons are the friends of education, that Utah is the third State in the Union educationally, and again reverting to plural marriage, says: "Would it be right and honorable for the men who have in times past taken plural wives, to now turn part of them, with their families, out into the world, unprotected? I answer no". (2)

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