Lorenzo Snow, Jan 30, 1899; Monday

-- Jan 30, 1899; Monday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [George Q.] Cannon were waited upon this morning by Brother

M[ilton]. D. Hammond of Cache County, Utah, who had come to Salt Lake to see the Presidency about Church affairs in Canada, in response to the invitation telegraphed him on Thursday. A long conversation was had and the situation in Alberta was thoroughly gone over, the result being that Brother Hammond was requested to take hold of and superintend the carrying out of the contract for the building of the canal in that country. At the same time Brother [Charles O.] Card was released from that responsibility, it being felt that his numerous other duties prevented him from giving to the canal project the time and attention that it demanded. The latter was notified by telegram to come to the city and see the Presidency.

The Presiding Bishopric met with the First Presidency this morning in relation to the disposal of the Deseret News corner to the United States government as a site for the Federal building proposed to be located in Salt Lake City. The Presidency after thinking the matter over have come to the conclusion that in order to have the building erected on the News corner, the ground will have to be tendered free, or for whatever the government may be willing to allow. This view was fully endorsed by the Bishopric, and a motion was made by Bishop [William B.] Preston that the corner be tendered to the government for the building in question. It was conceded that the Church would be indirectly benefited by the resultant increase in value of surrounding properties, as well as by the proposed paving of the streets in that vicinity, which it was understood would be done by donation from the people owning property in the neighborhood. Although the Bishop's motion was not formally seconded, it expressed the mind of the First Presidency and the Presiding Bishopric, and President Snow suggested that it be recommended to the Council of the Apostles, in order that they might share any responsibility connected with the disposal of the News corner. This met the mind of all, and with this understanding the interview closed. (1)

-- Feb 1, 1899; Wednesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [George Q.] Cannon were in the Office. At 10 A.M. President Cannon attended a meeting of the Union Light & Power Company, and at 11:30 A.M. returned, accompanied by Bishop John B. Winder, Attorney LeGrand Young and Brother Robert S. Campbell, to consult with President Snow upon a proposition made to the company by its competitor, the Utah Light and Power Company, whereby the latter agreed to turn over its business to the Union Company for $32,500.00 a year, otherwise it would continue in competition. Brother Young suggested that a proposition be made to lease the Utah Company's plant for two years, with a privilege of five years, at a rental of $30,000.00, a suggestion acquiesced in by President Cannon and the other members of the Union Board, who now wished to know how President Snow felt regarding the matter. The President, not being conversant with the entire business of the Union Company, stated that he was not in a position to judge on the question, but from what he had heard he could see no other way than for the Union Company to lease the Utah Power plant on the best terms possible.

At 12:30 P.M. Brother C[harles]. O. Card, from Logan [Utah],

met with the Presidency and was informed by them of the change determined on regarding matters in Canada, whereby he was now released from superintending the construction of the Alberta canal (which work had been given to Brother M[ilton]. D. Hammond) and appointed to furnish men and teams for the enterprise and encourage emigration to that part. This arrangement was quite agreeable to Brother Card, who left the office with the understanding that he was to gather up the hundred and fifty men and teams necessary to carry out the canal contract.

Sister Emmeline B. Wells, editor of the Woman's Exponent, called to see the Presidency concerning that paper's indebtedness to the Deseret News Office, a debt amounting to $1,164.00. She stated that she was unable to pay it, but believed that she could pay the current expenses of the paper. There was some talk about her employing Sister Margaret Caine as a traveling and business agent for the Exponent, which the Presidency thought would be a good thing, if Sister Caine would work on a commission. It was decided that Sister Wells should not be pressed for the payment of the debt in question.

Some Scotch gentlemen, accompanied by a Mr. Williamson of this city, waited upon the Presidency to see about getting the Assembly Hall as an inducement for Dr. Watson ("Ian Mclaren") to give some readings there from his own writings, delineative of Scotch character. Permission was granted for this purpose. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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