LDS History, 1869

-- During 1869
[Deseret] President Grant directs Union Pacific and Central Pacific to set a meeting point. After an all night meeting, General Grenville Dodge of Union Pacific and Collis P. Huntington of Central Pacific agree to join tracks at Promontory Summit. (1)

[Deseret] Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads meet on May 10 at Promontory. (1)

[Deseret] Union Pacific track reaches Ogden (1)

-- During 1869-
[Periodicals] Der Stern; German Mission Zurich, Bern, and (Unified 1967) Basel, Switzerland Frankfurt, Germany GERMAN (Periodical) (2)

-- During 1869
[Utah Statehood] Completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory, Utah, on May 10 ended Utah's isolation and ushered in an era of increased Mormon-gentile hostility. (3)

-- Jan 1, 1870
First issue of Mormon Tribune (later the Salt Lake Tribune). (4)

-- Jan 10, 1870
The last rail of the Utah Central Railroad was laid. (5)

-- Jan 13, 1870
General mass meeting of the ladies of Salt Lake City, to protest against the passage of the Cullom bill. (5)

-- Feb 12, 1870
Woman suffrage granted by Utah Territorial legislature. (4)

"An act conferring the elective franchise upon women," became a law of Utah Territory. (5)

-- During 1870 February
Liberal Party organized, which represented anti-Mormon interests in Utah Territory; it was opposed by the People's Party, representing the Church's point of view. (4)

-- Apr 4, 1870
George Albert Smith (1870-1951) b. Salt Lake City. (6)

George Albert Smith born in Salt Lake City. (4)

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