LDS History, 1872, June

-- During 1872, June
First issue of Woman's Exponent published, Salt Lake City, Utah. (1)

-- During 1872 June
Woman's Exponent began publication. (2)

-- Sep 3, 1872
Ground was dedicated and broken for the Salt Lake City water works. (3)

-- Oct 14, 1872
President G. A. Smith and others left Salt Lake City on their Palestine tour. (3)

-- 1872
Church Membership at end of year: 98,152
New Converts : 2,556
Percent Change from previous year: 2.67% (4)

[Apostle John Henry Smith] Assistant clerk of territorial legislature and of constitutional convention. (5)

[Deseret] The Utah Bar admitted its first two women Phoebe Couzins and Georgianna Snow. (6)

-- During 1872-1914
[Periodicals] Woman's Exponent; Louisa Lula Green Salt Lake City, Utah Relief Society (Periodical) (7)

-- During 1872
[Utah Statehood] A new attempt to achieve statehood began on January 31, 1872, when the legislature passed a joint resolution calling for the election of delegates to a constitutional convention. The convention opened on February 19 in City Hall in Salt Lake City, and by March 2 had adopted a constitution and framed yet another memorial to Congress asking for the admission of Deseret into the Union. On April 2 the constitution was presented to Congress and referred to a committee that reported it adversely. Meanwhile, on March 18 the election provided for in the constitution was held. It was ratified by 25,160 votes in favor and 365 against--all for naught. It would be ten years before Utah made another serious drive for statehood. (8)

-- During 1873 Jan
[Utah] Ann Eliza Young (b.1844), one of the many wives of Mormon leader Brigham Young, revolted against the indignities and hypocrisy of polygamy. Her divorce was granted in January, 1875. (9)

-- Feb 24, 1873
President Smith and party arrived in Jerusalem. (3)

-- Apr 8, 1873 - 9 May 1874
[1st Presidency Changes] Brigham Young George A. Smith Daniel H. Wells Joseph F. Smith (Counselor) John Willard Young (Counselor) George Q. Cannon (Counselor) Brigham Young, Jr. (Counselor) Lorenzo Snow (Counselor) Albert Carrington (Counselor) John Willard Young, George Q. Cannon, Brigham Young, Jr., Lorenzo Snow, and Albert Carrington called as Counselors (10)

-- Apr 8, 1873
[Quorum of the Twelve] Brigham Young, Jr., Albert Carrington,John Willard Young and George Q. Cannon set apart as Counselors to President Brigham Young. (11)

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