LDS History, Nov 1, 1864

-- Nov 1, 1864
The Netherlands Mission is organised on this day. (1)

-- 1864
Church Membership at end of year: 74,348
New Converts : 2,578
Percent Change from previous year: 3.59% (2)

[Deseret] Isabella and Julius Brooks and their children were the first Jewish family to settle in pioneer Utah. (3)

-- During 1864-1867
[Deseret] The Salt Lake Mormon Tabernacle was built. (3)

-- During 1864
Valuable ores are discovered in Tooele County, Utah, sparking a rush of new, non-Mormon immigrants to Utah. (4)

[Joseph F. Smith] Special mission to Hawaii with Elders Ezra T. Benson and Lorenzo Snow. (5)

[OREGON TRAIL] Some of the heaviest traffic since the California Gold Rush, but many emigrants are bound for Montana via the Bozeman Trail. 20,000 in '64 and 25,000 in '65 and '66 travel the Trails despite Sioux uprisings at several points along the way. (6)

-- Apr 9, 1865
Beginning of four-year Black Hawk War. (7)

-- May 8, 1865
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young speaks at Wellsville, Cache County, ordering members to send him their copies of Biographical Sketches, which he terms "a tissue of lies," so they can be destroyed. (8)

-- Jun 13, 1865
[Lucy Mack Smith] Martha Jane Coray writes to Brigham Young at his request explaining her role in Lucy's project. (8)

-- Jun 21, 1865
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young in Salt Lake City gives a slightly modified version of his Wellsville sermon against Biographical Sketches. (8)

-- Jul 23, 1865
[Lucy Mack Smith] The First Presidency and Twelve issue a statement condemning Biographical Sketches "for its inaccuracy." (8)

-- Aug 23, 1865
[Lucy Mack Smith] The First Presidency and Twelve issue Brigham Young's address; as a signed epistle, it is published in the Deseret News. The Millennial Star reprints it on 21 October 1865; and Brigham Young Jr., British Mission president, orders a roundup of the book. (8)

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