LDS History, Nov 5, 1876

-- Nov 5, 1876
[Sermon] John Taylor: Position of the Latter - Day Saints - Protestantism Makes No Claim to Revelation - Priesthood, How Restored, Its Purpose - Persecution the Heritage of the Church - The People Must Know the Will of God, and Do It - Respect the Authorities; and Respect Our Profession - Avoiding All Evils, Cleave to the Good, JD 18:278 - 286 (1)

-- Nov 12, 1876
[Sermon] Orson Pratt: Salvation Tangible - Personality of God - Character of God - Pre - Existence of Man - Jesus Our Elder Brother - Transformation of the Earth - Creation and Organization - Its Final Destiny, the Home of the Saints - Revelations By Joseph Smith: in Harmony With Scripture, JD 18:286 - 297 (1)

-- Dec 3, 1876
[Sermon] Orson Pratt: Prophecies Unfulfilled - Changes in the Configuration of the Globe - Miracles the Result of Laws not Yet Perfectly Understood - The Re - Formation of the Earth - Its Character During the Millennium - Its Purification By Fire - The New Heavens and the New Earth - The Gospel the Celestial law, and Only Passport to Existence on a Celestialized Earth, JD 18:314 - 323 (1)

-- Dec 26, 1876
[Lucy Mack Smith] Agnes Coolbrith Smith, wife of Don Carlos Smith, dies at Oakland, California. (2)

-- 1876
Church Membership at end of year: 111,111
New Converts : 3,944
Percent Change from previous year: 3.68% (3)

-- Dec 31, 1876
[Sermon] John Taylor: Burial Services, An Ancient Practice - God, the God of the Living - Keys Committed to Joseph Smith:. The Last Dispensation - Jesus the Great Redeemer - An Everlasting Priesthood - The Powers of the Resurrection - Scriptural, Philosophical, and Certain - Sealing Powers Eternal, JD 18:324 - 335 (1)

[Sermon] John Taylor: Respect to the Dead - Pre - Existence the Key to This - The Future Life Depends on This - The Latter - day Saints Dependent Upon Revelation for Their Knowledge of These Things - Life Persecutions As Nothing, Contrasted With the Promises Pertaining to the Future - Men's Future Glories As Are the Laws They Abide, JD 18:306 - 313 (1)

-- During 1876-82
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Member of Salt Lake City Council. (4)

-- During 1876
New edition of Doctrine and Covenants prepared under Orson Pratt's direction with 24 new sections. (5)

The Mormon-controlled legislature of the Utah Territory passes laws requiring voter registration and women's suffrage in all local election. This will lead to the Liberal Party losing its majority in Tooele County. (6)

-- During 1876-1935
[Periodicals] Bikuben; Local Danish-Norwegian groups (DANISH News Paper) (7)

-- 1877 Early
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Graduates from Scott-Browne's College of Phonography in New York City. (8)

-- Jan 1, 1877
Erastus Snow holds the private dedication of the St. George Utah Temple, making it the first operating temple in Utah and the third completed temple. (6)

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