LDS History, 11 Sept. 1828

-- 11 Sept. 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Dr. Gain Robinson notes medicine and consultation "for Boy Harrison." Hyrum has been caring for the younger children. (1)

-- Monday, September 22, 1828
BoM translation begins (about 3 pages/week). (2)

Harmony, BoM plates and U&T returned, D&C 10:1-5 received. (2)

-- 22 Sept. 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. begins translating again using either the Urim and Thummim or (more probably) his seer stone. (1)

-- after 22 Sept. 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Sr. and Lucy visit Joseph Jr. and Emma at Harmony and have a cordial visit with the Hales. They return home to find that Sophronia and Samuel have been very ill. (1)

-- 1828 Sept 22
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph receives plates again from angel Moroni. A scribe is promised. LucyM

-- ca. Oct. 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Oliver Cowdery is hired to teach school at Manchester and boards with the Smith family. (1)

-- Nov 1828 to Feb 1829:
The visit of Joseph's parents to Harmony - timing problems. (2)

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