LDS History, 1829 Aug 25

-- 1829 Aug 25
[Lucy Mack Smith] Martin Harris signs agreement of mortgage to printer E. B. Grandin. (1)

-- 1829 Sept
[Lucy Mack Smith] Printing process begins for Book of Mormon. (1)

-- 1 Oct. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Samuel leaves on a mission to Livonia, New York. (2)

-- 4 Oct. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. arrives back at Harmony, Pennsylvania, from Manchester. (2)

-- 6 Nov. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Oliver Cowdery at Manchester writes to Joseph Jr. at Harmony, reporting that he has copied the Book of Mormon manuscript up to Alma 36 and that the printing is continuing slowly. (2)

-- 9 Dec. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Abner Cole, using the name Obediah Dogberry, announces in his new weekly Palmyra Reflector (first issued on 2 September), that he will publish sections of the Book of Mormon. Extracts appear on 2, 11, 13, and 22 January 1830. (2)

-- 28 Dec. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] A letter from Oliver Cowdery to Joseph Jr. says that Joseph Sr. is coming immediately to get Joseph Jr. to stop the pirating. (2)

-- 1829
[Membership] Church Membership at end of year: 6
New Converts : 6
Percent Change from previous year: - (3)

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2 - Lucy's Book: A Critical Edition of Lucy Mack Smith's Family Memoir, Edited by Lavina Fielding Anderson, 2001, Signature Books
3 -

Clair Barrus