LDS History, June 15, 1828

-- June 15, 1828
[Joseph Smith] Joseph and Emma have their first child, a boy named Alvin. He dies within a few hours. (1)

-- 15 June 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Alvin, firstborn of Joseph and Emma, dies a few hours after birth. (2)

-- 1828 June 15
[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth and death of Joseph and Emmas first son, Alvin. LucyM

-- Thursday, June 20, 1828
Palmyra, M Harris arrives in Palmyra with the 116 pages. (3)

-- about Sunday, June 29, 1828
Harmony, Emma starts to recover (3)

-- 1828 June-July
Martin Harris lost 116 pages of Book of Mormon manuscript. (4)

-- 1828 July
The first 116 pages of the Book of Mormon manuscript translated by Joseph Smith Jr. and transcribed by Martin Harris are stolen or lost. (5)

-- July 1828
[Revelations] Harmony, Pennsylvania. Doctrine and Covenants 3. God's work cannot fail though prophets may fall. Joseph feared man more than God and transgressed God's law. Watch out or fall. Rebuke for entrusting pages from the Book of Mormon manuscript to "a wicked man" (Martin Harris). Plates were preserved so the testimony of the Nephites might convert the Lamanites. Eight months later, Martin pressures Joseph to show him the plates (D&C 5).
Book of Commandments 2 heading: A Revelation given to Joseph, in Harmony, Pennsylvania, July, 1828, after Martin had lost the Manuscript of the forepart of the book of Mormon, translated from the book of Lehi, which was abridged by the hand of Mormon, saying:.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 30 heading: ON PRIESTHOOD AND CALLING, / Revelation to Joseph Smith, jr. given July, 1828, concerning certain manuscripts on [sic] the first part of the book of Mormon, which had been taken from the possession of Martin Harris. (6)

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