LDS History, about Sunday, March 15, 1829

-- about Sunday, March 15, 1829
Harmony, Translation of the Book of Mosiah is complete. (1)

-- about Friday, March 27, 1829
Manchester, O Cowdery completes 16 weeks of teaching school. (1)

-- about Sunday, March 29, 1829
Harmony, Joseph Knight Sr. and wife bring provisions. (1)

-- about Tuesday, March 31, 1829
Manchester, O Cowdery and Samuel Smith leave Manchester for Harmony. (1)

-- Apr. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Smith family moves from the frame house into their former cabin, now occupied by Hyrum and Jerusha Smith. Their daughter Lovina is now about eighteen months old and Jerusha is pregnant with Mary, who will be born in June. Lemuel Durfee Sr.'s daughter, Mary Durfee Nichols, and her husband Roswell move into the frame house. (2)

-- April 1829
[Temple] Independence Temple; Location: Independence, Missouri; Announcement: April 1829; Notes: Site Dedicated 1 August 1831 when cornerstones laid by Joseph Smith. The plat for the City of Zion (Independence, Missouri) originally called for 24 temples at the center of the city. A temple has never been built at this location because the temple's site, as designated by Joseph Smith, Jr, is occupied by an LDS denomination known as the Church of Christ (Temple Lot). (3)

-- 1 Apr. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Oliver Cowdery and Samuel Smith leave the Smith home in Manchester on foot and reach Joseph's and Emma's home in Harmony, Pennsylvania, on 5 April. (2)

-- Sunday, April 05, 1829
Harmony, O Cowdery and Samuel arrive (about sundown). (1)

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