LDS History, about Thursday, June 25, 1829

-- about Thursday, June 25, 1829
Enos/Jarom/Omni 3 Witnesses see angel and plates (1)

-- about Friday, June 26, 1829
Fayette, J Smith leaves Fayette for Manchester. (1)

-- 27 June 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Mary, the second child and second daughter of Hyrum and Jerusha Smith, is born. (2)

-- about Sunday, June 28, 1829
Manchester, Eight Witnesses view plates. (1)

-- 29 June 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy recalls this Monday as the day on which Joseph Jr., Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and possibly others contracted with E. B. Grandin to publish the Book of Mormon. (2)

-- 30 June 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] All of the Whitmer party except Peter Whitmer return to Wayne County. (2)

-- ca. late June 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Traditional date for the restoration of the Melchizedek priesthood by Peter, James, and John. (2)

-- late June 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Oliver Cowdery baptizes Hyrum Smith in Seneca Lake. David and Peter Whitmer are baptized. (2)

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2 - Lucy's Book: A Critical Edition of Lucy Mack Smith's Family Memoir, Edited by Lavina Fielding Anderson, 2001, Signature Books

Clair Barrus