LDS History, 1829, May 15

-- 1829, May 15
John the Baptist conferred the Aaronic Priesthood on Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in Harmony, Pennsylvania (see D&C 13; JS-H 1: 71-72). (1)

[Joseph Smith] With Oliver Cowdery, receives the Aaronic Priesthood from John the Baptist. Joseph and Oliver baptize one another in the Susquehanna River. (2)

-- 15 May 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Oliver, in response to revelation, baptize each other, then Samuel. This is the traditional date of John the Baptist's restoration of the Aaronic priesthood. Samuel's baptism date is also given as 25 May (HC 1:44) during a second visit. He returns home and reports Joseph's "success." (3)

-- May 15, 1829
[Revelations] Harmony, Pennsylvania. Doctrine and Covenants 13. (4)

-- Saturday, May 16, 1829
4 Nephi (5)

-- Monday, May 25, 1829
Samuel H. Smith baptized. (5)

-- 25 May 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Hyrum visits Joseph Jr. and Emma in Harmony, followed by Joseph Knight Sr., who brings them provisions, plus a pair of shoes, lined paper, and $3. About this time, Lucy Harris initiates a hearing before the magistrate at Lyons, county seat of Wayne County (organized in 1823). Lucy Smith remembers this event as after August 1829 with Oliver still acting as Joseph's scribe and when Joseph was on the point of moving to the Whitmer home; however, the move came about 1 June 1829 and the translation was finished before August. Martin Harris dates this legal hearing in March. (3)

-- Wednesday, May 27, 1829
Title Page D&C 10:6-70 received ? (5)

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