LDS History, 1832 June

-- 1832 June
[Joseph Smith] Returned to Kirtland, Ohio, from journey to Independence. (1)

-- June 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph reaches Kirtland; he spends most of the summer at Hiram translating the Bible, completing the New Testament in July. (2)

-- 1832 June
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. arrives back from trip to Mo. (3)

-- 1832 1 June
The Evening and the Morning Star began publication at Independence, Missouri. (4)

-- June 6, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Greenville, Indiana. Joseph Smith wrote his wife, Emma Smith, a letter while at the Porter tavern, telling her of his regular meditation and prayers in a nearby grove. (5)

-- July 1832 - July 1833
Translation of Genesis 24:41 - Malachi 4:6 (6)

-- Summer 1832
[Heber C. Kimball] Called on first mission to New York state. (7)

-- 5 July 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Sidney Rigdon claims that the "keys of the kingdom" have departed unless the Saints build him a house. Joseph explains that he holds the keys irrevocably, and a court delivers Sidney to the buffetings of Satan. Lucy places this event about three months too early. (2)

-- about July 20, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith completed his work on the inspired translation of the New Testament. (5)

-- 20 July 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Frederick G. Williams works as Joseph's scribe until January 1836. (2)

-- July 31, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Hiram, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to William W. Phelps concerning the brethren in the settlement of Zion in Jackson County, Missouri. (5)

-- 1 Aug. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Jesse Gause and Zebedee Coltrin take a mission for the East. Coltrin, ill, returns on 19 August. Gause disappears; his name is replaced in church records by Frederick G. Williams. (2)

-- about August 19, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Hiram. Ohio. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 99, a revelation calling John Murdock to proclaim the gospel in the eastern countries. (5)

-- August 29, 1832
[Revelations] Hiram, Ohio. Doctrine and Covenants 99. John Murdock mission call.
Not printed in the Book of Commandments.
Kirtland Revelation Book, 19-20, heading: Hiram Portage County Ohio August 24th 1832.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 78 heading: Revelation given August, 1832. (8)

-- 1832 Sept 12
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Emma and Julia move to Newel K. Whitney store in Kirtland. (3)

-- 1832 September 22-23
[Joseph Smith] Revelation on priesthood and proselytizing, Kirtland. (1)

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