LDS History, March 18, 1833

-- March 18, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. At a meeting of high priests, Joseph Smith ordained Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams as counselors in the presidency of the Church, to which they had previously been called, as recorded in Doctrine & Covenants 81. Many of those present saw visions. (1)

[Joseph Smith] The First Presidency of the Church is organized with Joseph Smith as the President, and Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams as counselors. (2)

-- 1833 March 18
[Joseph Smith] Retained Sidney Rigdon and selected Frederick G. Williams as counselors in presidency of the high priesthood, Kirtland. (3)

-- 1833 Mar 18
[Lucy Mack Smith] First Presidency organized. (4)

-- March 23, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith met with a council of high priests and elders to discuss purchasing land in Kirtland. (1)

-- 1833 Spring
The comments of the Mormons in Missouri about freed slaves are misunderstood by other Missourians, raising hostility in the area and a manifesto against the Mormons. (5)

-- about April 13, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith responded by letter to Jared Carters brother, who had inquired about the duties of Church officers and preparations for going to Zion. (1)

-- 18 Apr. 1833
[Lucy Mack Smith] About 300 old settlers in Independence plan to eject the Mormons. There had been acts of violence as early as the spring of 1832. (6)

-- April 21, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith responded to an epistle the brethren in Missouri sent in February. (1)

-- 1 May 1833
[Lucy Mack Smith] John Smith (brother of Joseph Sr.) and family, including son George A., depart from Potsdam, New York, and arrive at Kirtland on 25 May. (6)

-- May 6, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 93, a sublime revelation about mankinds eternal existence and relationship to God, and also Doctrine & Covenants 94, a revelation about the construction of a house for the presidency and also a printing house. (1)

-- 1833 May 6
[Joseph Smith] Revelation on nature of Christ and truth, Kirtland. (3)

-- May 6, 1833
[Revelations] Kirtland. Doctrine and Covenants 94. House of the Lord: lot and building size, two stories. Lots for presidency. Printing office: lot and building size, two stories. Lots for Hyrum, Reynolds, Jared (building committee).
Dating the revelation.
August 6, 1833/The letter in which this revelation is found, from Joseph to "Beloved Brethren," in the LDS Church Archives, is dated August 6, 1833. /JS revelations, 243. (7)

[Revelations] Kirtland, Ohio. Doctrine and Covenants 93. The obedient will see the Lord. The Lord is the light of every person born on earth. Father and Son are one. John understood. Fulness of his record to be given later. The Lord grew from grace to grace ; hence he was called the Son of God. Frederick G. Williams , Sidney Rigdon , Joseph Smith , and Newel Knight are rebuked for failing to raise their families properly. Sidney, Joseph, and Frederick to go on their journeys speedily.
Newel K. Whitney manuscript introduction: Kirtland May 6- 1833.
Kirtland Revelations Book heading: Kirtland May 6. 1833.
Not printed in the Book of Commandments.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 82 heading: Revelation given May, 1833.
Kirtland Revelations Book. (7)

-- June 1833
[Lucy Mack Smith] Doctor Philastus Hurlbut is excommunicated for adultery and begins collecting affidavits about the Smith family in New York that are published with additions by Eber D. Howe in 1834 as Mormonism Unvailed. (6)

-- June 1, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 95, a revelation giving instructions for building the temple in Kirtland. (1)

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