LDS History, April 24, 1832

-- April 24, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith arrived in Independence after traveling first by steamboat and then an additional 300 miles by stagecoach. (1)

-- 24 Apr. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. arrives at Independence, Missouri. (2)

-- 1832 April 26
Joseph Smith, Jun., was acknowledged President of the High Priesthood, at a General Council of the Church. (3)

-- April 26, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith called a general council of the Church, where he received Doctrine & Covenants 82, a revelation about the responsibilities of Church members, and was acknowledged as President of the High Priesthood. (1)

[Revelations] Jackson County, Missouri. Doctrine and Covenants 82. Lord is "bound when ye do what I say;" Edward, Newel, Sidney Gilbert, Sidney Rigdon, Joseph, John Whitmer, Oliver, W. W. Phelps, and Martin Harris to form a pact to church affairs in Zion and Kirtland. This is the United Firm, sometimes called the United Order. Kirtland stake; equal property rights ; an everlasting order. Whoever breaks the covenant to be "delivered over to the buffetings of Satan". Make friends with gentiles so they don't destroy you.
Not printed in the Book of Commandments.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 86 heading: Revelation given April, 1832, showing the order given to Enoch and the church in his day. (4)

-- April 29, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Kaw Township, Missouri. Joseph Smith visited the Church members living above the Big Blue River. (1)

-- April 30, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith sat in council with the brethren and received Doctrine & Covenants 83, a revelation regarding the care of women and children in the Church without husbands or fathers. (1)

[Revelations] Zion (Independence), Missouri. Doctrine and Covenants 83. Church support for faithful widows and fatherless children. Widows keep their inheritances regardless of church status.
Kirtland Revelation Book and 1835 D&C close a loophole so that widows who are not faithful members still get to keep their inheritances, as required by law. Also clarify funding for widows and orphans comes from the Lord's storehouse.
Newel K. Whitney Collection (BYU), Box 1, fd. 10, heading: Revelation received at Independence, Missouri, on 30 April 1832 in addition to the laws of the Church of Christ.
Evening and Morning Star 1, no. 8 (Jan. 1833): {6}, heading: Items in Addition to the Laws for the Government of the Church of Christ, Given April, 1832.
Kirtland Revelations Book, 93, heading: Zion April 30-1832.
Orson Hyde copied this revelation into KRB (page 93) some time after the revelation of October 2, 1833 (pages 71-83), but before page 111, which he dated August 27, 1834.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 88 heading: Revelation given April, 1832. (4)

-- 1832 May 1
At a Council held at Independence, it was decided to publish the Book of Doctrine and Covenants. (3)

-- 1 May 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] A council at Independence authorizes W. W. Phelps to publish 3,000 copies of the Book of Commandments and Emma's hymnal. (2)

-- May 6, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith traveled by stage to St. Louis, Missouri, on a trip to Kirtland, Ohio. (1)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph leaves Missouri to return to Kirtland. (5)

-- May 6-June 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, and Newel K. Whitney take the stage from Independence. When Whitney's leg is broken, Joseph stays with him in Greenville, Indiana, for four weeks. (2)

-- 29 May 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Mary, daughter of Hyrum and Jerusha Smith, dies a month before her third birthday. (2)

-- 1832, June
First issue of The Evening and The Morning Star, Independence, MO. (6)

-- 1832 June
The first periodical, "The Evening and Morning Star," was published by the Church in Independence. (3)

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Clair Barrus