LDS History, 8 Nov. 1832

-- 8 Nov. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young, Joseph Young, and Heber C. Kimball arrive at Kirtland from Mendon, New York. (1)

-- about November 27, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to William W. Phelps in Independence, Missouri, about consecration, an extract of which appears in Doctrine & Covenants 85. (2)

-- November 27, 1832
[Revelations] . Doctrine and Covenants 85. Kirtland, Ohio.
Duties of the church clerk, historian, recorder. They track members, life style, and activity-including apostates. Those who don't consecrate, don't get an inheritance, and they, their ancestors, and their parents won't be included among the Lord's people. One mighty and strong will come to set the church in Zion in order and arrange inheritances. Anyone who tries to interfere, will be smitten and die. Those whose names are not recorded in the book of the law of God will be treated like unbelievers.
This section was originally excerpted from a letter Joseph wrote to W. W. Phelps in 1832 (Joseph Smith to W. W. Phelps, November 27, 1832) and included in the January 1833 Evening and Morning Star article titled "Let Every Man Learn His Duty. " See Zion Regulations. It was added to the Doctrine and Covenants in 1876. (3)

-- 1832 December
Joseph prophesies about a Civil War (D&C 87). This follows the threat of South Carolina to secede from the United States on November 24 of that same year. (4)

-- 3 December 1832 - 18 March 1833
[1st Presidency Changes] Joseph Smith, Jr. Sidney Rigdon (never ordained an apostle) Jesse Gause (never ordained an apostle) excommunicated (5)

-- December 6, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 86, a revelation explaining the parable of the wheat and tares. (2)

[Revelations] Kirtland, Ohio. Doctrine and Covenants 86. Parable of the wheat and the tares: Satan rules through Babylon the whore. Apostles have spread the seed and it begins to grow but is still tender. Priesthood passes to one generation to the next. Priesthood remains until all is restored. Saviors to Israel through the priesthood.
Kirtland Revelations Book heading: A Revelation explaining the parable of the Wheet & <the> Tears.
Not printed in the Book of Commandments.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 6 heading: Revelation explaining the parable of the wheat and tares December 1832. / ON PRIESTHOOD.
Kirtland Revelations Book. (3)

-- 1832, December 25
Revelation and Prophecy on War (D&C 87) received by Joseph Smith. [See Civil War Prophecy.] (6)

-- 1832 25 December
Joseph Smith received the prophecy on war (D&C 87). (7)

-- December 25, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 87, a revelation containing prophecies about wars, most notably the forthcoming American Civil War. (2)

-- 1832 Dec 25
[Lucy Mack Smith] Revelation on war given (D&C 87). (8)

-- December 25, 1832
[Revelations] Kirtland, Ohio. Doctrine and Covenants Section 87. South Carolina will rebel, war will commence, North and South will call on other nations until all are involved. Slaves will rebel. Catestrophic end of nations. Lord will punish the enemies of his Saints.
Kirtland Revelations Book heading: A Prop<h>ecy given Decm. 25th 1832.
Not printed in the Book of Commandments.
Not included in the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants.
Kirtland Revelations Book. (3)

-- 1832, December 27
Revelation known as The Olive Leaf (D&C 88) received by Joseph Smith, calling for building a temple in Kirtland and establishing School of the Prophets. (6)

-- 1832 December 27-28
[Joseph Smith] Revelation mandating establishment of house of God in Kirtland and instruction and purification for those called to ministry, Kirtland. Additional revelation on same subject, 3 January 1833. (9)

-- 1832, December 27-28
[Joseph Smith] (age 27)Receives a commandment to build a temple in Kirtland (see D&C 88:119-20). (10)

-- 1832 Dec 27
[Lucy Mack Smith] Beginning of the "Olive Leaf" given (D&C 88). Balance given Jan 1833. (8)

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