LDS History, July 2, 1833

-- July 2, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Although the major portion of the inspired translation of the Bible was completed by this date, Joseph Smith continued to make modifications while preparing a manuscript for the press until his death in 1844. (1)

-- 1833 July 2
[Joseph Smith] Concluded work on New Translation, or inspired revision, of Bible, Kirtland. (2)

-- 1833 2 July
[Joseph Smith] [Joseph Smith] Completes revision of Bible. (3)

-- 1833, July 2
[Joseph Smith] Completes his initial work on the inspired translation of the Bible, now known as the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. From this work came the book of Moses and Joseph SmithMatthew, now contained in the Pearl of Great Price. (4)

-- 1833 July 2
[Lucy Mack Smith] Translation of the Bible "completed." (5)

-- about July 10, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith clarified to the Saints that the hot drinks spoken of in the Word of Wisdom included tea and coffee. (1)

-- 16 July 1833
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Evening and Morning Star publishes an editorial on "free people of color," then retracts it when it outrages the "old settlers." (6)

-- 1833, July 20
Mob at Independence demanded removal of Saints from Jackson Co. Printing office destroyed, halting printing of Book of Commandments. (7)

-- 1833 20 July
Independence, Missouri, Printing Office destroyed; Edward Partridge tarred and feathered by mob. (8)

-- 1833 July 20
[Joseph Smith] Vigilantes, demanding removal of Latter-day Saints from Jackson County, destroyed printing press and tarred and feathered Edward Partridge and Charles Allen, Independence. (2)

-- 1833, July 20
[Joseph Smith] A mob destroys the press in Independence, Missouri, on which the Book of Commandments is being printed, as well as most of the printed pages. In September 1835 the revelations from the Book of Commandments, as well as other revelations, are published in Kirtland in the first edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. (4)

-- 20 July 1833
[Lucy Mack Smith] A mob in Independence destroys the printing press, tears down Phelps's house, destroys the Book of Commandments, and tars and feathers Edward Partridge and Charles Allen. (6)

-- 1833, July 23
Saints at Independence made treaty with mob to leave Jackson Co. Kirtland Temple cornerstones laid. (7)

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Clair Barrus