LDS History, March 29, 1832

-- March 29, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Josephs adopted son dies from a cold, which many believe was contracted when the mob attacked Joseph. (1)

-- 1832 March 29-30
[Joseph Smith] Adopted son Joseph died, Hiram. (2)

-- 29 Mar. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Murdock Smith dies of complications from exposure during mobbing. (3)

-- 1832 Mar 30
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Murdock Smith, eleven months old, dies from exposure. (4)

-- April 1832
[Heber C. Kimball] Joins Church of Christ (Mormon). (5)

-- April 1, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith and several brethren went from Hiram to Warren, Ohio, on their way to Jackson County, Missouri. (6)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph leaves to visit Missouri a second time. (1)

-- 1832 Apr 1
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. leaves for Mo. (4)

-- April 2, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Warren, Ohio. Joseph Smith traveled from Warren to Wellsville, Ohio. (6)

-- 1832 April 2
[Joseph Smith] Departed Hiram on journey to Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, to meet with Latter-day Saints and conduct church business. (2)

-- 2 Apr. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph leaves Hiram, Ohio, for Missouri with Newel K. Whitney, Peter Whitmer, and Jesse Gause. Emma, turned away by Elizabeth Ann Whitney's aunt, finds herself with no place to stay. (3)

-- April 3, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Wellsville, Ohio. Joseph Smith traveled from Wellsville to Steubenville, Ohio. (6)

-- April 4, 1832
[Joseph Smith] Steubenville, Ohio. Joseph Smith took passage aboard a steamboat while traveling from Steubenville to Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia). (6)

-- 9/12 Apr. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Elizabeth Salisbury, the oldest child of Katharine Smith Salisbury and Wilkins J. Salisbury, is born at Lebanon, Madison County, New York. (3)

-- 9 Apr. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young is baptized, confirmed, and ordained an elder at Mendon, New York, followed by Joseph Young and Heber C. Kimball. (3)

-- 12 Apr. 1832
[Lucy Mack Smith] Maria Stoddard, the second and last child of Sophronia Smith Stoddard and Calvin Stoddard, is born at Kirtland. (3)

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Clair Barrus