LDS History, 1837 September 27

-- 1837 September 27
Joseph Smith, Jun., left Kirtland to visit the Saints in Missouri and establish gathering places. He arrived in Far West about the last of October, or first of November. (1)

-- September 27, 1837
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon left Kirtland to travel to Missouri. (2)

-- 1837 September 27
[Joseph Smith] Departed Kirtland on journey to northwest Missouri to identify places for Latter-day Saints to settle. (3)

-- 27 Sept. 1837
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, William Smith, and Vinson Knight leave for Missouri, arriving at Far West about 1 November 1837. (4)

-- 2 Oct. 1837
[Lucy Mack Smith] Sarah, sixth child and fourth daughter of Hyrum and Jerusha Smith, is born. (4)

-- October 13, 1837
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. During Joseph Smiths journey to Far West, Missouri, his brother Hyrum Smiths wife, Jerusha Barden Smith, died. (2)

-- 13 Oct. 1837
[Lucy Mack Smith] Jerusha Barden Smith dies at Kirtland. (4)

-- During 1837 October
Elder's Journal began publication in Kirtland, Ohio. (5)

-- During Oct. 1837
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Elders Journal prints its first issue, is suspended when the press is burned in December 1837, and resumes publication in Far West in July 1838. (4)

-- During 1837 Fall
[Lucy Mack Smith] Apostasy in Kirtland grows rapidly. (6)

-- During 1837 October
[Wilford Woodruff] Visits Scarboro, Maine 1:181f (7)

-- 7 November 1837 - 11 April 1838
[1st Presidency Changes] Joseph Smith, Jr. Oliver Cowdery (Assistant President) Sidney Rigdon (never ordained an apostle) Hyrum Smith Oliver Cowdery (Assistant Counselor) Joseph Smith, Sr. (never ordained an apostle, Assistant Counselor) John Smith (never ordained an apostle, Assistant Counselor) Frederick G. Williams (never ordained an apostle) rejected as Second Counselor at church conference; Hyrum Smith called as Second Counselor (8)

-- November 7, 1837
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith held a conference to reorganize Church leadership, and his brother Hyrum Smith was sustained as the Second Counselor in the First Presidency. (2)

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