LDS History, 1838, October 25

-- 1838, October 25
Battle of Crooked River, between Missouri State militia and Saints. David W. Patten, apostle, slain. (1)
-- 1838 25 October
Battle of Crooked River; David W. Patten killed. (2)
-- 1838 October 25
The Battle of Crooked River occurs as a unit of Mormon Militia fight against Missouri State Militia. Sixteen are wounded, and 4 die from their wounds, including Apostle David W. Patten. (3)
-- October 25, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Log Creek near Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith attended to Elder David W. Patten just after he received a fatal gunshot wound at the battle of Crooked River. (4)
-- 1838 October 25
[Joseph Smith] Mormon militia attacked volunteers from Ray County, Missouri, who had kidnapped Latter-day Saints. Two Latter-day Saints, their guide, and one citizen of Ray County were killed at Crooked River, unorganized territory attached to Ray County. (5)
-- 25 Oct. 1838
[Lucy Mack Smith] At the Battle of Crooked River, between forces led by David W. Patten and Samuel L. Bogart, three Mormons and one non-Missourian are killed. It is reported to Boggs as a massacre. (6)
-- 1838 Oct 25
[Lucy Mack Smith] David Patten, President of the Twelve, shot and killed at Crooked River. (7)
-- 25 October 1838
[Missouri War] Capt. David W. Patten leads Mormon troops to rescue spies. Troops clash at Crooked River, with three Mormons and one Missourian killed. Exaggerated reports of Crooked River battle spread throughout the state. Fearing the Mormons intend to continue attacks, Generals Atchison, Doniphan, and Parks call out state militia to quell alleged Mormon rebellion. (8)
-- October 25, 1838
[Quorum of the Twelve] David W. Patten killed in Battle of Crooked River. (9)
-- 1838, October 27
Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued Extermination Order, Jefferson City, MO. (Rescinded June 25, 1976, by Governor Christopher S. Bond.) (1)
-- 1838 27 October
Lilburn W. Boggs issued extermination order, driving the Saints from Missouri. (2)
-- 1838 October 27
Governor Boggs' exterminating order was issued. (10)
Governor Boggs issues an executive order known as the "Extermination Order", revoked in 1976 by then Missouri Governor Christopher S. Bond. (3)

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