LDS History, 1838 November 3

-- 1838 November 3
Joseph prophesies that none of the prisoners are going to die. (1)
-- November 3, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Crooked River, Ray County, Missouri. While traveling under heavy guard toward Independence, Missouri, Joseph Smith prophesied to his fellow prisoners that none of their lives would be taken. (2)
-- 1838 November 4
Fifty-six more prisoners are taken from Far West. The imprisoned leaders arrive in Independence. (1)
-- November 4, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to his wife, Emma Smith, at Kirtland, Ohio. (2)
[Joseph Smith] Ray to Clay County, Missouri. While en route to Independence with other prisoners, Joseph Smith preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to a woman who inquired whether he professed to be the Lord and Savior. (2)
-- 4 November 1838
[Missouri War] General Clark arrives with troops and announces his intention to carry out the surrender terms exacted by General Lucas. (3)
-- November 5, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith and other prisoners were able to explain their doctrines to many people, thus removing mountains of prejudice, and enlist[ing] the populace in our favor. (2)
-- 1838 November 6
General Lucas addresses the citizens of Far West. Far West prisoners leave for Richmond. (1)
-- 1838 November 8
General Wilson surroundes Adam-ondi-Ahman. Joseph and some of the other prisoners in Independence leave for Richmond. Their guards become drunk, but no escape is attempted. (1)
-- 1838, November 9
Joseph Smith and fellow prisoners arrived at Richmond, MO, and put in chains. Joseph rebuked guards. [See Richmond Jail.] (4)
-- 1838 9 November
Joseph Smith and others imprisoned in Richmond, Ray County, Missouri. (5)
-- November 9, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Richmond, Missouri. Colonel Sterling Price chained Joseph Smith and the other prisoners together in an old vacant house. (2)
-- 1838 November 9
[Joseph Smith] Confined at Richmond, Ray County, pending outcome of court of inquiry. (6)

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