LDS History, 30 August 1838

-- 30 August 1838
[Missouri War] Governor Lilburn W. Boggs, responding to reports of civil and Indian disturbances in western counties, orders twenty-eight hundred state troops to stand ready to march. (1)
-- September 1, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith traveled with the First Presidency to the halfway house of Waldo Littlefield in the Daviess County, Marrowbone Settlement, for the purpose of appointing yet another city of Zion as a place of refuge for the Saints. (2)
-- September 2, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith visited with a man from Livingston County, who gave him reports of a growing mob in Daviess County. (2)
-- 3 September 1838
[Missouri War] David R. Atchison and Alexander W. Doniphan are hired as lawyers for Smith and Wight. (1)
-- 1838 September 4
John N. Sapp, who declared himself a member of a secret Mormon group known as the Danites, swears in an affidavit before the Carroll County clerk concerning the size of the Danite army. He states that they were about 800 1,000 well-equipped and ready men. (3)
-- September 4, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith engaged Generals David R. Atchison and Alexander W. Doniphan as his lawyers. (2)
-- September 6, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Halfway house, Daviess County, Missouri. Joseph Smiths hearing at the home of Waldo Littlefield before Judge Austin A. King could not proceed because of the absence of the plaintiff. (2)
-- September 7, 1838
[Joseph Smith] John Raglin home, Daviess County, Missouri. In a hearing, Adam Black claimed his life had been threatened by Church members, and Joseph Smith was required to post a $500 security bond despite the lack of evidence against him. (2)
-- 1838 September 7
[Joseph Smith] Appeared for preliminary hearing with Lyman Wight before Judge Austin A. King on charges arising from confrontation with Adam Black; gave bonds for later court appearance, Honey Creek Township, Daviess County. (4)
-- 7 September 1838
[Missouri War] Smith and Wight are tried at a preliminary hearing in Daviess County. Judge Austin A. King orders the defendants to post bail and appear at the next hearing of the grand jury in Daviess. (1)
-- September 8, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith received news that a mob planned to attack Adam-ondi-Ahman, Missouri. (2)
-- September 9, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. A mob was frustrated in its attempts to attack Adam-ondi-Ahman, Missouri, but the mobbers continued to send taunting reports of tortured prisoners to Joseph Smith and the Saints, trying to provoke them to commit the first act of violence. (2)
-- 9 September 1838
[Missouri War] Excitement in upper counties continues as Mormons capture three men attempting to transport guns to vigilantes in Daviess County. Mormons and Missourians petition Judge King to quell the disturbances. (1)

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