LDS History, about October 27, 1838

-- about October 27, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Jefferson City, Missouri. Lilburn W. Boggs, governor of Missouri, issued an extermination order concerning the Saints, in which he stated, The Mormons must be treated as enemies and must be exterminated or driven from the state. (1)
-- 1838 October 27
[Joseph Smith] Missouri governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued order to treat the Latter-day Saints as enemies and exterminate them or drive them from state if necessary, Jefferson City. (2)
-- 1838, October 27
[Joseph Smith] Missouri governor Lilburn W. Boggs issues the infamous Extermination Order. This order and severe persecution cause the Saints to leave Missouri for Illinois during the winter and spring of 1838-39. (3)
-- 27 Oct. 1838
[Lucy Mack Smith] Boggs issues an order that the Saints must leave the state or be exterminated. (4)
-- 1838 Oct 27
[Lucy Mack Smith] Extermination order issued by Governor Lilburn W. Boggs. (5)
-- 27 October 1838
[Missouri War] Governor Boggs, responding to reports of Mormon depredations in Daviess County and their attack on state troops at Crooked River, orders that the Mormons must be "exterminated or driven from the state." (6)
-- 1838, October 30
Haun's Mill Massacre, Caldwell Co., MO. (7)
-- 1838 30 October
Haun's Mill Massacre. (8)
-- 1838 October 30
The massacre at Haun's Mill took place, (9)
A renegade militia group from Livingston County attacks a Mormon settlement in the bloodiest conflict of the Mormon War, and 17 are killed. The event is known as Haun's Mill Massacre. (10)
-- October 30, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. About 3,500 mob members and Missouri militia approached Far West, acting on march orders from Governor Lilburn W. Boggs. (1)
-- 1838 October 30
[Joseph Smith] Vigilantes attacked outlying community of Latter-day Saints, killing seventeen and wounding fourteen, Hauns Mill settlement, Grand River Township, Caldwell County. (2)
-- 30 Oct. 1838
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Haun's Mill Massacre leaves about eighteen Mormons dead and fifteen wounded. The militia, under General Samuel Lucas, reinforced by Neil Gillum with about 150 men, reaches Far West a little after sunrise. Samuel Bogart then joins Lucas's army. (4)

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