LDS History, 1838 March 10

-- 1838 March 10
John Whitmer and William Wines Phelps are excommunicated by the High Council in Far West. (1)

-- March 13, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith wrote a journal entry that was included with his Scriptory Book, which described his various activities. (2)

-- 1838 14 March
Far West, Missouri, established as new Church headquarters. (3)

-- 1838 March 14
Joseph Smith, Jun., and family arrived at Far West. (4)

-- March 14, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith arrived in Far West at the conclusion of a difficult journey from Kirtland, Ohio, and was immediately received under the hospitable roof of Brother George W. Harris, who treated us with all possible kindness. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph and his family arrive in Far West, Missouri. (5)

-- 1838 March 14
[Joseph Smith] Arrived at Far West. (6)

-- 1838, March 14
[Joseph Smith] Arrives in Far West and establishes Church headquarters there. (7)

-- 14 Mar. 1838
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. and Emma arrive at Far West. (8)

-- 1838 Mar 14
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Emma arrive in Far West, Mo. (9)

-- 14 March 1838
[Missouri War] Joseph Smith arrives in Far West. (10)

-- March 16, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. At about this time, Joseph Smith composed what later became known as The Political Motto of the Church of Latter-day Saints, proclaiming a love of peace and good order in society. (2)

-- 17 Mar. 1838
[Lucy Mack Smith] Samuel Smith and his family arrive at Far West. Mary is four and a half months pregnant. (8)

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Clair Barrus