LDS History, 1837 July 27

-- 1837 July 27
[Joseph Smith] Departed Kirtland on journey to Toronto, Upper Canada, to visit Latter-day Saints. (1)

-- 27 July 1837
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph leaves for Canada, is stopped at Painesville by writs and lawsuits, then leaves by night on 28 July. (2)

-- July 29, 1837
[Joseph Smith] Ashtabula, Ohio. On his journey to Canada, Joseph Smith walked on the beach and bathed in the beautiful, clear water of Lake Erie at Ashtabula before boarding the steamer for Buffalo, New York, in the afternoon. (3)

-- 1837 30 July
First converts baptized in Great Britain. (4)

-- 1837 July 30
The first baptism in England, by divine authority took place in the River Ribble. (5)

-- During 1837 late July
[Joseph Smith] Church newspaper acknowledged failure of Kirtland Safety Society, Kirtland. (1)

-- During 1837 July
[Wilford Woodruff] Visits home in Connecticut 1:160f (6)

-- 1837 August 4
The first confirmation of members in the Church took place in England, in Walkerfold, Chaidgley. (5)

-- 1837 August 19
[Wilford Woodruff] Arrives in Fox Islands, Maine (6)

-- about August 22, 1837
[Joseph Smith] Canada. Joseph Smith spent most of August in Canada, where he preached, baptized, blessed the Saints, and strengthened the branches. (3)

-- 1837 August 27
[Joseph Smith] Returned to Kirtland from journey to Toronto. (1)

-- late Aug. 1837
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. returns to Kirtland. (2)

-- During Aug. 1837
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Messenger and Advocate stops publication with this issue but contains a prospectus for the Elders Journal. (2)

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Clair Barrus