Lorenzo Snow, 1857, July 24

-- 1857, July 24
Word received of Utah Expedition. (1)

-- 1857, August 5
Governor Brigham Young placed Utah Territory under martial law and forbade U.S. troops to enter Salt Lake Valley. (1)

-- 1857, September 7-11
Emigrating party led by John T. Baker and Alexander Fancher besieged by Indians at Mountain Meadows; killed by Indians and Mormon militia. (1)

-- Oct 7, 1857
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... Brother Lorenzo Snow, while he was speaking in the forenoon upon the principle of self-government'" victory over every besetting sin, spoke of the inward work required to be done, as every person in his experience knows that the spirit wars against the flesh, and the flesh against the spirit. So far as our spirits by the power of God, by the Holy Ghost'"by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, are assisted to overcome every seed of iniquity and sin within us, we may expect to gain the victory over our evil passions; and in that proportion this people will gain victory in a national capacity. That is as true logic as ever was introduced in this world. This people might have been independent'"might have been a kingdom, had they been capable of receiving, disposing, and controlling that kingdom to the Divine acceptance of our Father in heaven. .... We want a people that will be pure and holy; and I wish that the principle that brother Lorenzo Snow spoke of this morning could be understood and practised by all, you would then gain your spiritual conquest. If we have not gained that, we must labour until we do. ... (2)

[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: Wisdom Gained By Experience - The Trials and the Final Triumph of the Saints, Etc. (3)

-- Oct 11, 1857
[Sermon] Lorenzo Snow: The Blessings and Privileges of the Saints - Obedience to Counsel, JD 5:312 - 317 (3)

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