Lorenzo Snow, Jan 20, 1862

-- Jan 20, 1862
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 20th Jan 1862 Important Day. The Delegates Elected by the inhabitants of Utah met in Convention this day at the Court House in Great Salt Lake City at 10 oclok A.M. to Form a Constitution for a State Government. Presidents B. Young H. C. Kimball & D H Wells and Judge Kenney were present. Daniel H Wells was Appointed Presidet, Wm. Clayton Secretary, R L Campbell & Patrick Lynch assistant Secretaries, Presidet Joseph Young Chaplain R L Burton Sergent at Arms, Andrew Cunningham Foreman, John W. Woolley James F. Alread Door keepers, David P Kimball Henry Heath Messengers.

G. A. Smith A Carrington Elias Smith Zerubbabel Snow & John Taylor were appointed a Committee to draft a Constitution for a State Government. James Ferguson Wilford Woodruff Samuel Richards Lorenzo Snow & L. E. Harrington was appointed a Committee to draft a Memorial to Congress. Committee on Ordinance A. O. Smoot, E. M. Green, J. W. Cummings A K Thurber & Loren Farr. Committee on Election, O. Hyde E. T Benson J. M. Moody Burnard Snow & Wm. B. Preston. ... (1)

-- 6 February 1862
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Leslie Woodruff Snow (mother: Phoebe Amelia Woodruff) (2)

-- Feb 7, 1862
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 7 I spent the day in the office. I wrote a letter to Br Lorenzo Snow and informed him of the birth of his son. I spent the Evening with the Board of directors in getting up the By laws of the Jordon Irrigation Company. (1)

-- Apr 8, 1862 (Afternoon, Conference)
[Brigham Young Sermon] Brother Lorenzo Snow says, that the Lord will bless my brethren and sisters. He says that all the mules in the Territory can not haul away the gold that is concealed in these mountains. Riches do not consist of gold and silver. It may be said that with them we can buy all the comforts we need for the body. That may be so under certain circumstances; still gold and silver are merely a convenient means of exchange. Earthly riches are concealed in the elements God has given to man, and the essence of wealth is power to organize from these elements every comfort and convenience of life for our sustenance here, and for eternal existence hereafter. The possession of all the gold and silver in the world would not satisfy the cravings of the immortal soul of man. The gift of the Holy Spirit of the Lord alone can produce a good, wholesome, contented mind. Instead of looking for gold and silver, look to the heavens and try to learn wisdom until you can organize the native elements for your benefit; then, and not until then, will you begin to possess the true riches. All the riches, wealth, glory and happiness that we shall ever possess in heaven will be possessed on and around this earth when it is brought up into the presence of God in a sanctified and glorified state; and the sanctified ones who enter through the gate and pass the sentinel into the New Jerusalem, and into the presence of the Father and the Son, are the ones who will inherit the new heavens and the new earth in the presence of God, for here is the eternity, the glory and the power. When we possess all things, it will be when we possess power to organize the native elements that fill the immensity of space, bringing forth and organizing, bringing forth and organizing, again and again, dealing out the providence of God, dictating, guiding and directing the kingdoms that will be made for ever and for ever. This is eternal riches'"it is eternal life. '"What did Jesus mean, when he said, Lay up treasures in heaven, &c. What mortal ever went there to lay up treasures? Is there an apartment, a business house there, a Dr. and Cr. account, &c.?'" Ask the Lord yourselves, what he meant by that expression, and if you have the Spirit of Christ, you will find out the truth. I think that the Savior referred particularly to laying up in pure and sanctified bodies, holy principles that belong to the heavens, until we are brought back into the presence of the Father, and we, with the earth upon which we stand, are cleansed and sanctified beyond the power of Satan. I will now say that we wish to go on with the Temple this year; we shall also send out teams to bring home the poor, send Missionaries to the nations, &c., &c. If the hearts of this people are right, if they are filled with faith in God; if they act with an eye single to his glory and the building up of his kingdom on the earth, they will lock up their teams, secure their seed grain and farming utensils, will look and live for rain, for water in abundance to irrigate their lands, for sunshine, for day and night and everything, that will give us a fruitful season this coming summer. What will you do with the increase of your fields? Will you strew it to strangers? Some complain at the hand of Jehovah for giving them wheat. I have heard it said, '"It is a curse to us; it annoys me to see so much wheat.'" There never has been a land, from the days of Adam until now, that has been blessed more than this land has been blessed by our Father in heaven; and it will still be blessed more and more, if we are faithful and humble, and thankful to God for the wheat and the corn, the oats, the fruit, the vegetables, the cattle and everything he bestows upon us, and try to use them for building up of his kingdom on the earth. There will be no lack of teams for doing our work, if we will go to with our mights to bring the poor Saints here and to build this Temple. There will be teams to bring us the rock from the quarries; and let the young men come and learn to cut stone. I wish to hurry the building of the Temple, for I would like to have it completed before we are called to more important duties. -- SLC Tabernacle [Journal of Discourses. Liverpool, England, 1853-86. 10:32-36; Deseret News. Also Deseret Evening News, Deseret News Weekly, Deseret News Semi- Weekly, and Deseret News Extra, Salt Lake City] (3)

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