Lorenzo Snow, 2 December 1863

-- 2 December 1863
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Laurin Alvirus Snow (mother: Sarah Ann Prichard) (1)

-- Jan 17, 1864
Brigham Young informs the Twelve that he has received a letter from members in Hawaii that Hawaiian Mission Leader Walter M. Gibson "had ordained on the Island a Quorum of Twelve Apostles & Seventies & Bishops & High Priests &c. He Charged $100 for Ordaining the 12 each & $50 for 70, $5 for a Bishop $2.50 for a Bishops Councelor &c And He claimed all the Island to himself & said that Brigham Young had no dominion over those Islands And all his conduct is Accordingly. He has taken possession of the Island & takes from the Saints all they they raise & is playing the Tyrant over all the Saints on those Islands." Young sends a party headed by Ezra T. Benson and Lorenzo Snow to Hawaii to set things straight. Gibson is excommunicated in Jul. (2)

-- Jan 24, 1864
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] I met at 4 oclok with Presidet Young & Eleven of the Twelve Apostles in the Prayer Circle. Presidet Young Appointed E. T. Benson & Lorenzo Snow to go to the pacific Islands. He also Appointed Joseph Smith to go with them to preside over the Islands after the Twelve returned. He also Apointed Wm. W. Cluff John R Young & Alma L Smith To go as missionaries to the Islands. He said Joseph Smith & Cluff might take their wives with them to the Islands if they wished. (3)

-- 30 January 1864
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Virginia M. Snow (mother: Mary Elizabeth Houtz) (1)

-- Feb 29, 1864
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29 I spent the day Cleaning out my barn yard & putting the manure onto my garden. In the Evening I met with the Presidency & 12 at President Youngs Office & the Presidency set Apart E. T. Benson Lorenzo Snow Joseph F Smith, Wm. W Cluff, & Alma M Smith for a mission to the Sandwich Islands & James Townsend & Brigham Kimball for a mission to England. (3)

-- Mar 31, 1864
While trying to land at Lahaina, Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands, Elder Lorenzo Snow drowns when a boat he and Elder Ezra T. Benson are in capsizes. After an hour of prayer and artificial resuscitation, Elder Snow revives. (4)

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