Lorenzo Snow, Jul 15, 1865

-- Jul 15, 1865
[Brigham Young Sermon] Pres. B. Young spoke in relation to men going out on expeditions, and advised the bishop or whoever has the authority, to call upon the men who have good horses, and if they do not wish to go let them supply a substitute to go in their steads. He referred to what had already fallen from Br. Lorenzo Snow, and remarked that he was the originator of these displays of respect which we meet now on our visits. They are joyous and pleasing to us, and we feel a good spirit when we see them, and a good spirit is the Spirit of the Lord. Bands of music accompany us, and singers, which attracts the Saints. He spoke very highly of the Nephi brass band, and said, '"I will say to that band, when you think you need whisky and drink it, you will go down as others have done; and when you blow the breath tainted with whiskey through your instruments, they will cease to make melody for the hearts of the Saints.'" Spoke of the display of flowers, and rustic designs erected in the cities we have passed through, to attract the attention of God's servants, commending it, and saying, it is right and of God, if we sanctify these things to His honor. -- Manti, Utah (1)

-- Oct 21, 1865
Proclamation of the First Presidency and Twelve-- See note for Message of January 29, 1860.

PROCLAMATION of The First Presidency and Twelve.

In an article entitled "The Holy Spirit," published by brother Pratt in the Millennial Star of October 15th, and November 1, 1850, .... BRIGHAM YOUNG, HEBER C. KIMBALL, ORSON HYDE, JOHN TAYLOR, WILFORD WOODRUFF, GEORGE A. SMITH, AMASA M. LYMAN, EZRA T. BENSON, CHARLES C. RICH, LORENZO SNOW, ERASTUS SNOW, FRANKLIN D. RICHARDS, GEORGE Q. CANNON.


-- Jan 18, 1866
Deseret Telegraph Company chartered by Utah Legislature. President Lorenzo Snow sells this church business to Western Union on 8 Mar. 1900. (3)

-- 6 September 1866
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Orion Woodruff Snow (mother: Phoebe Amelia Woodruff) (4)

-- 8 September 1866
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Mansfield Lorenzo Snow (mother: Mary Elizabeth Houtz) (4)

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