Lorenzo Snow, Sep 19, 1858

-- Sep 19, 1858
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19th Sunday I Called upon the President in the morning. Looked over the papers till 12 oclok. At 2 oclok I attend a meeting of the Agricultural Board. We visited the social Hall to see if it would do for the fair. I attended the prayer Circle with the Twelve. All the Twelve were present except Lorenzo Snow & Orson Hyde. C. C. Rich opened by Prayer &A Lyman was mouth. (1)

-- 13 October 1858
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Alphonzo Houtz Snow (mother: Eleanor Houtz) (2)

-- Nov 2, 1858
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... Their is anoth[er] thing. Lorenzo Snow presides over that region & is a prudent wise man yet he has strong pregudices & does not pull on the same strings that I do. There has been a kind of a spirit to keep Dives Down But I believe if he had had the sole Controll of things there as the presidet opened the meetings & preached to the people He would have made a good smart preacher. But I never saw the man that was kept down by his superiors that Could rise above it. ... (1)

-- Dec 14, 1858
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Dec 14th In Company with Lorenzo Snow, Hyram Clawson, Joseph A. Young & Patrick Lynch I started from President Youngs House in his Carriage drawn by four Mules for Fillmore. Several other Carriages started about the same day. It was a vary Cold day & vary Blustering.

We road to Lake City & spent the night. We held a meeting with the people. I spoke to the people & was followed by C C. Rich L Snow F. D. Richards. I told the people to get the spirit of God & follow its dictates & to remember daily their prayers & to pray for the Presidency & all the Authorities of the Church & to pray for the President of the United States & for all men in Authority as the spirit of God shall dictate. We had a good meeting. Lorenzo Snow spent the night with me at Brother Burns. 33 m. (1)

-- Dec 15, 1858
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 We travelled to Pason. 33 miles. Held a meeting with the People. Their was a Division among the people. Some had petitioned to President Young for a New Bishop. F D. Richards spoke & I followed him & then C. C. Rich followed. Lorenzo Snow & myself spent the night with Brother Gardner. We Preached Concerning the Bishop & the people their feelings against each other.

Brother Gardner told us that Brother Hancock said in one of his meetings that there was no person Stood between him & Presidet Brigham Young. He wanted the people to give their money to him & let him dictate their temperal Business for them. He said no person had a right to petition president Young against him. He makes the roads into the Canyons Controlls all the timber sells it to the armey works all the time Sundays. He lets the tithing property go to waste But takes Care of his own. He sells the tithing potatoes to the Army for $2 & pays the Church 75 cts. He ordered a house to be pulled down if they would not stop a party. These are some of the Complaints against the Bishop. (1)

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2 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenzo_Snow#Wives_and_children

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